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About Job in F1

Conducting Driver Interviews at WilliamsF1

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to stand on the starting grid at the Monaco Grand Prix ?

Have you ever wanted to be part of the pitcrew for Sebastien Vettel or Lewis Hamilton? Job in F1 can not only tell you how you could do these things, but also shows you how you can earn a living designing, building and racing the fastest racing cars in the world.

The sport of Formula 1 is an exciting, fast and glamorous business and its global popularity seems to be ever increasing. Being a Formula 1 driver is the dream of many boys (and girls) but it is so very difficult to get to the top of the sport these days that the majority of those dreams fade away and reality takes over.

Formula 1 however is a big business and you don’t need to be a driver to get involved. The motorsport industry is huge and the Formula 1 teams employ many different people in many different roles. These jobs might not be as glamorous as driving the racing car but they do allow ordinary people to earn a living and become involved right at the heart of the sport. This is what this website is about.


Job in F1 – My idea

Job in F1 is a site dedicated to providing advice and guidance to those who want to make a career in Formula 1 and motorsport. I am now a senior engineer within Formula 1 and have worked in motor racing for most of my career. When I was trying to break into the sport myself, I found very little in the way of encouragement and advice about what I needed to do at school and how to gain vital experience. Several decades later and despite the invention of the internet not much seems to have changed ! There is still very little information out there and even what there is tends to be inaccurate. I wanted to put that right and create a real resource that people could come to and find encouragement and ideas in order to follow their dreams of working in Formula 1.

Job in F1 is the website that I was desperate to find as a 10 year old kid and gives you the advice you need to have the same exciting career that Formula 1 has given me.

How to use this site

Job in F1 is a blog where I have written about various aspects of working in F1 and given tips and insights into how to break into the sport. You can browse individual posts or search for a topic like “pitcrew” or “work placement” to see relevant information.
There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section, or you can check out my Useful Resources section.

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The best place to start is my list of 10 MUST READ articles for getting a job in F1.

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