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We offer free advice within the site but if you are serious about a career in Formula 1 then our guidebook is a must have companion to help get your career off the line.

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Written by a highly experienced Formula 1 engineer, our comprehensive guidebook will take you step by step through the complex world of the F1 paddock and show you exactly how to get a job in F1.

Available in both paperback and Kindle E-book format, anyone who is serious about a career in motorsport cannot afford to miss this essential guidebook.

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Understanding the motorsport industry

What is an F1 engineer’s salary ?

We all know that F1 cars cost a lot of money and that many of the top F1 drivers live the playboy lifestyles of the rich and famous. How much does the average F1 engineer earn though ? Do many F1 designers have apartments in Monaco and supermodel girlfriends…? Playboy

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Formula Student, F1 in Schools and other initiatives

Formula Student : An interview with Project Leader Beth Lily Georgiou

Formula Student is a huge success story and becoming more and more popular by the year. The chance for undergraduate students to design, manufacture and then race their own racing machine is an enduring concept which has become justifiably popular worldwide. Formula Student is considered by many as a “must-do”

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Educational routes to motorsport

Apprenticeships at Mercedes F1 Team

Apprenticeships are making something of a comeback in manufacturing and offer fantastic opportunities to learn a trade and skills set whilst earning and completing college studies in your chosen area. Mercedes AMG F1 team are currently advertising for 4 different type of apprenticeships in manufacturing, each offering the chance to

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Frequently asked questions

Job in F1 is not a recruitment agency or a website for job listings.

Job in F1 was created simply to give you the opportunity to work in Formula 1.   It is the most comprehensive Formula 1 careers advice site on the internet.  We have been around since 2014 and have guided hundreds of aspiring engineers and mechanics in their quest to work in motorsport.

Job in F1 is for anyone who wants to know more about working in F1 and how to pursue a career in the sport.  We offer comprehensive insight into what happens behind the scenes at the team’s factories and at the circuit.

We offer structured guidance and advice on what qualifications you need and how to build up the right experience to put you well ahead of the competition.  Job in F1 offers the most comprehensive and best qualified advice anywhere on the internet because it is written by real F1 employees.

We are not affiliated with any particular team and so cannot offer you a job in Formula 1 directly.

Our aim is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to take control and get your own job in F1.  We truly believe that anyone can work in F1 and be successful.  By following our expert guidance you could be standing on the grid in Monaco or working with a world champion driver sooner than you think.

We recommend purchasing our comprehensive guidebook to getting a job in Formula 1 if you are certain that you want to pursue a career in the sport.

If you are still working out what Formula 1 is all about and whether it is the career for you then browse our free blog or explore our resources within the website.  The content is aimed at all levels whether you are a beginner or a student looking to make an application to a team in the near future.

Not YET !

We are working on that as we know many of our subscribers and long time followers are interested in following a multimedia course as well using the guidebook.

Keep checking back over the coming weeks as that starts to take shape.  Our courses will be available at https://jobinf1.teachable.com/

In the meantime, the guidebook is available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Get-Grand-Prix-Racing/dp/1520395280

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Fantastic. The best money I've ever spent in job advice. An absolute must buy for anybody who is serious about having the career of his dreams.
Excellent insight into the world of formula one and an easy to follow guide on how to follow your dreams and ambitions of making it to any job in Formula One.
Hall Read
A great read with valuable information concerning the industry, a real image of the business is communicated. I highly recommend this read to anyone interested in heading in a Motorsport direction.
Richard knows his stuff after a long career in the world's most exhilarating sport and sets out practical steps to follow your dreams though.