Work in motorsport is a site run by a senior F1 engineer offering advice and guidance on how to get into Formula 1 and motorsport. If you’ve ever wondered on how to get the job you dream about, everything you need to know is explained here.

I work in Formula 1.

I’ve worked in motorsport for most of my career and I love it.  Its a brilliant job and my career  has been the fulfilment of a childhood personal ambition.  I am very lucky.

What is my blog about then ?

Well, I am frequently asked the same 2 questions…

“What’s it like to work in Formula 1?”

“How can I get a job in F1?”

Given how popular Formula 1 and other motorsports are, I am amazed at how little information is available to answer those 2 questions.  Through this blog I am hoping to provide interesting insights, advice and information which can help to answer those questions for people who may ask them.

Perhaps I can inspire someone.  Perhaps I can help someone get the job of their dreams.  All I know is that working in F1 is a fantastic career and getting into motorsport is nowhere near as difficult as many people think.  You just need to understand the business of motorsport and arm yourself with one or two critical pieces of advice.

If you’ve ever wondered “What’s it like to work in Formula 1?”, or “How can I get a job in F1?”  then read on as I will shortly be adding my unique insights into how you can find out exactly that !