Adrian Newey and Christian Horner of Red Bull Racing are 2 of the most famous people in Formula 1 at the moment.  Adrian Newey’s cars have won an incredible 9 constructor’s world championships and his fame and success is arguably as great as any of the current crop of F1 drivers.  Christian Horner is a relative newcomer to Formula 1 but has quickly established himself as a formidable team principle.


These 2 are at the pinnacle of their professions but they are only the figureheads for a large number of unseen team members that work tirelessly behind the scene.  Employee numbers are a closely guarded secret but it would be safe to estimate that majority of front running and midfield teams are likely to have in excess of 500 employees each.  That’s roughly 6000 jobs in the racing teams alone.  The larger teams such as Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull have many more than that in their subsiduary companies (Red Bull Technology, McLaren Applied Technologies etc), and that does not even begin to count those people working on the engine programs.  As we work towards a major change in the engine regulations, there is a huge recruitment drive in this area.

In short, the industry behind Formula 1 racing is huge and many thousands of people make their livings from it.  When you widen the circle to other racing series and the service and supplier networks that surround the teams themselves then it is estimated that over 50,000 people are employed in motorsport related jobs in the UK alone.

For someone wanting to get into motorsport or work in Formula 1 that should be great news !  The more jobs there are, the more opportunities there will be.  In theory you are much more likely to have a career in Formula 1 today than you were 20 or 30 years ago.  Having said that, the global popularity of Grand Prix racing means that many more people want to follow in Adrian Newey or Christian Horner’s footsteps and so competition is higher than ever.

The right attitude, focus, experience and qualifications and a little insider help (thats where I come in!) will help lift you above 99% of the competition and make you the person that the teams want to join them.  Fantastic opportunities exist for school leavers, graduates, career changers or anyone else who wishes to earn a living working in one of the most exciting global sports in the world today.  This blog will hopefully help guide you towards that goal and see you working alongside the likes of Adrian Newey and Christian Horner sooner than you think.