A Quick Introduction :

I only started this blog a few weeks ago. I have been thinking about it for quite a while but only just decided to ‘put pen to paper’. I’ve been encouraged by my own thoughts on the subject and also by other people that I have shared some advice with in person. I might not be very good at it. There might not be many people interested in it. Who knows, but I’m writing about it as I couldn’t find anyone else on the internet who I felt was doing a good job of it already !

Some background

I’m an F1 engineer. I decided I wanted to be a racing driver aged 10. I was ok as a driver, but soon I realised I wasn’t good enough and my racing career was very short… Many people have the same story.

I still wanted to work in racing though as I just loved the sport and the idea of earning a living whilst doing what I loved was too good to be true. I desperately wanted to work in F1 and asked all sorts of people about it, including teachers, friends and my family. Not many of those people knew much about motorsport but they still advised me that I should go and get a sensible job somewhere else and to stop dreaming ! Only 1 or 2 people encouraged me to find out more and to stick with my interests. Luckily I listened to them and not the other people !!!

When I look on line I see quite a lot of discussion about F1 and I also see a lot of people asking about how they can get a job in F1. The industry is quite large now and even though its very competitive, there are thousands of people working in the industry and its perfectly realistic for others to want to do the same.

Many people who comment on the subject seem to know very little. I see all sorts of negative comments about why you shouldn’t, why you can’t and why you won’t. I don’t understand this! I’m not going to suggest that getting a job in F1 is easy, it isn’t, but I want people to make up their minds for themselves about whether it’s the life for them and whether they want to keep on pursuing their dream of working in racing.

My idea

An online resource about what its like to work in F1 (and other motorsport), and the many different types of jobs that racing requires is what I think people need. I also want to share some advice about different routes to get into the sport and what I believe are the best ways of breaking through and getting that all important first job. I would have given an arm and a leg to have that kind of advice was I was aged 10 so hopefully anyone reading this blog will have a better start than I had.

Best of luck and please let me know what you think of this once you have read a few of my posts !

Please note : This is very much a personal blog and whilst I do work for a current F1 team I don’t want to use their name or reputation in any way to enhance what I say. I do not intend to share any technical secrets or give anyone any direct access to my team via this blog as that is not what this is about. I hope that people can understand that as the confidentiality of my team is very important to its competitiveness and I will not compromise that. I hope you can understand my point of view on that but I genuinely believe it will not detract anything from the advice that I can give.


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about how to get a job in F1. While I was reading this a lot of things just matched perfectly my mindset. It’s a long way to become a member of one of those teams. Sometimes I ask myself: ok, I want to work like this but what do I want to do there? – so you see, there’s a lack of focuse on a particular activity. I will work on that and keep trying.
    Best regards

    Lukasz Mrowiec
    1. Thanks Lukasz

      If you want to work in F1 just keep trying


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