I never intended jobinf1.com to be a recruitment site and as such never intended to post job adverts on here but I get so many requests for examples of non-engineering jobs that I didn’t want to let this pass.

A number of you have asked about site management and logistics jobs, with background in haulage, the armed services etc. so I wanted to show this current add for a vacancy at Red Bull Racing :


We are seeking a unique and dynamic individual to head up our Transport Team and ensure that the business’ logistical needs are met smoothly and efficiently.
As part of this role you will be responsible for:
• Controlling, managing and implementing effective maintenance
programmes for all fleet vehicles and ensuring all safety and legal requirements are adhered to.
• Heading up a team of experienced drivers and ensuring they are clear on destinations and schedules as well as managing holidays to ensure adequate van driver cover.
• Managing the delivery and collection of goods and materials for all departments as required, and establishing clear priorities & timings so that all vehicles and drivers are efficiently utilised.
• Arranging couriers as and when appropriate and coordinating the dispatching of overnight packages.
• Coordinating daily morning and afternoon ‘milk rounds’ to
local areas.
• Planning the delivery and collection of travelling staff, guests and drivers to and from airports.
• All matters pertaining to the operation of Fork Lift Trucks within
the business.
• To assist with the planning and project management of new truck builds and refurbishments for the Race/Test Team.
• Managing the tachograph analysis.
The successful candidate will have the following:
• Proven experience within the Haulage, Transport or Logistics industry.
• Possess a sound knowledge of both UK and EU Transport Law.
• Be experienced in managing a flexible team and being able to optimise several logistics challenges concurrently.
• Have a self-motivated and proactive attitude, excellent communication skills and the ability to work to very tight deadlines within a team environment.
• Hold a National and International Certificate of Professional Competence of Road Haulage.
• Be IT literate and competent in systems such as Telematics.
In addition to the above this role requires natural leadership skills, the ability to adapt to multiple changes and new challenges on an hourly basis. The ideal candidate will consistently recognise the importance of this service function to both internal and external customers.
To apply for positions at Red Bull Racing and Red Bull Technology, please visit the job section on our website
Closing date for applications – 15th November 2013
PLEASE NOTE: No Agencies please.

No more than that today but hopefully this will be of some interest to the non-engineers amongst you !!

Good luck as always.


  1. Hi, yes that is really helpful, thanks a lot!!!!

    Gina Benavides
  2. Hi, I am a big fan of motorsport and I found the blog very useful. I want to ask something and I know you will give me your opinion because it is difficult for you to say yes or no. Is it helpful to be notice for a team, If I do a research project that could improve some part of the perfomance of the Team, systems, tests, mechanics? and send it to each team? Or it is just spam for the Team. Thank you

    Gina Benavides
    1. Hi Gina

      Thanks for the question.

      Tough one really. I think I would advise against it on balance. The biggest difficulty is knowing what the problem is before you try and solve it. This is actually a big skill that people often miss. If you try and solve what you “think” is a problem you will probably do the wrong thing and it will neither be useful or impressive. Just spam as you say.

      On the other hand, if you can make contact prior to this and discuss and agree a real problem to solve then its potentially very very good. Difficulty is making that contact as normally it will also appear as spam. Maybe identify an individual(s) via research on LinkedIn and try some direct contact. It’s worth a go.

      Also try outside of F1 but still in racing. Advantage here is 2 things, firstly far fewer people try this route and so any contact you make appears less like spam. Second, non F1 teams find research much more difficult as they don’t have big resources so they are happier to have someone do it for them(for free). If you can do this, it looks just as good on a resume /application to F1 team later.

      Hope that helps?


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