Do F1 teams take on university graduates with no experience?

Looking through normal job pages for Motorsport and F1 in particular it often seems that there is no way into the industry without prior experience in racing. A problem that it hard to solve.

It’s not always the case however, and it’s important to keep your eyes open as much as possible so that if an opportunity is advertised then you are ready to pounce.

To prove the point I wanted to write this short post today to highlight that the Caterham F1 team is looking for a number of engineering graduates for its team. No prior experience is necessary.

If I were 21 again and looking to get into racing then I would be looking at this like gold dust. A golden opportunity to get your foot in the door.

You had better be quick though, applications close on September 12th 2014. Good luck !


  1. Im currently in the Royal Air Force and my trade is Aircraft Technician Mechanical, also Im a supervisor and manager with 12 years experience. I have a BTEC in Aeronautical Engineering, NVQ lvl 3 in Aircraft Engineering, Certificates in Composite Repairs including Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre and Aramid Fibres (Kevlar). I also have a few qualifications in Non-Destructive testing. Even though i do not hold a degree in Engineering or any experience in motorsport would my experience and qualifcations hold any weight in applying for a job in F1 as i do know alot of ex forces work in motorsport. Im also looking to get a factory tour of some of the teams to give me an insight of what type of job/field i want to go down.

    Thanks for taking your time with this site, i enjoy reading them every new post.


    Ben Williams

    Ben Williams
    1. Hi Ben

      Firstly thanks for the comment and sorry for the long delay in replying. I do apologise.

      Your military aeronautical experience second only to motorsport experience in my opinion and there are many “ex-Forces” technicians and engineering working in F1 right now. It seems to be a very valid change of career to follow. I would imagine you could be of interest in several areas to a racing team.

      Factory tours are hard to come by even if you know someone at the team as secrecy is a big issue in F1. It would cause concern if you touted round one team and then got a job at another for example.

      It sounds like you could work or supervise in composites either at the factory or at the circuits, and the NDT experience is hard to come by so I would emphasise that on any aplications. Just keep your eyes on the teams websites each week or alternatively see if you can get registered with a motorsport specialist agency such as TXM recruitment

  2. my passion is to work in a f1 team. I am an engineering student..what should i do to get there?

    Muhammed Ansar
  3. After having worked in f1 with rbr and Renault for ten plus years I have got to know a lot of graduates who have gone on to full time jobs in f1 and done really well. They are eager to learn and keen to gain experience and are some if the nicest people in f1 sometimes they do get the crap jobs to do. If you can’t get straight in there are a lot of motorsport companies who take on graduates.

    1. So could you tell me some? I’m really willing to drive my carreer in this direction and I’m graduating this year.

      Can you tell me company that would accept me without experience? It could be off road teams too!

      Thank you Tony and thank you for the site owner!!

      1. I’m afraid that I don’t know what each motorsport company’s policy is. You need to do that research yourself but work your way up. If you have volunteered for grassroots racing or done something relevant then you are more likely to get a place “without” experience

  4. Thank you for your generosity and willingness to share information!

  5. Thanks for this. I have circulated to the cohort at Cranfield University who finish their MSc Advanced Motorsport Engineering this week. Theses submitted today and poster exhibition on Thursday 11 September which showcases project work. Not all theses are in the exhibition as a number of the sponsors, F1 teams among them, keep the student work confidential. Anyone can attend. Just contact me at Cranfield.

    New cohort starts on 3 October. Course was effectively full by February/March so any applicant needs to submit their application fast.

    Clive Temple
  6. I am a non technical guy with 6 years experience in logistics and finance, could you please suggest me how I get job in f1…..

    Praveen Kumar
  7. I appreciate all the articles you’ve been writing – they’ve been quite a good read and have given me some insight but could you write an article for people like me (foreign students studying in europe/uk) trying to get into f1? Would be a great help!

    1. I’ll try but it’s not something I know a huge amount about being from uk


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