Have you ever wanted to make history? Would you rather make F1 history yourself or just sit back and watch others do it? F1 is a nearly unique sport where ordinary people get their chance to take part in the show and write their own piece of motor racing history. By working in F1 you will get the chance to play your part on the global stage.

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes GP will go down into the record books as being the F1 championship winners for 2014 and join the long line of famous and evocative names who have won the championship before them. When I look back at my own career I feel a massive sense of pride from taking part in similar successes in years gone by and feel a genuine satisfaction knowing that my efforts played a tangible role in making that bit of F1 history. It’s the stuff I dreamt of as a young boy and my career in F1 has made it a reality.

That feeling is not just about the outright winners either. The Marussia team had an ultimately tragic season and did not make it the end of the year but looking at the scenes following the Monaco GP in May this year you would have been forgiven for thinking that Jules Bianchi had won the race. It may have only been two points but it will be recorded in the history books and remembered as one of the highlights of the 2014 season. The guys and girls who took part in that race and helped to design and make the Marussia car will hopefully be able take some pride in what they achieved despite the tragic outcome at Suzuka.

Many of you may think that it’s the drivers, team principals and media popular technical directors that take the majority of the credit for success and that a lowly factory worker or engineer would have little bearing on the outcome of the race but the great thing about F1 is that’s not the case. Even the biggest F1 teams are still very small companies and each individual has the power to make or break the success of the team. At Mercedes GP almost every employee will have contributed in some way either designing, making or assembling the very parts that made up the car that Lewis drove across the line to win. Each person will have done their bit and quite rightly have earned their part of the credit and history of the championship trophies.

It’s a short life and we need to treasure every success, joy and credit that we can achieve within it. Knowing that you have strived, improved and ultimately made F1 history through your efforts is something to be celebrated and to look back on with pride when you are older. It’s rare that a job can give you that level of satisfaction, that feeling that you helped to write another chapter of Motorsport history.

The next chapter is still to be written so why wait and let someone else make the headlines? You don’t need to just follow F1 anymore, you can write your own history by working in F1.

Looking forwards

The F1 season may be over but the teams are flat out getting their 2015 challengers ready for winter testing in February. The race may be on hold but Formula 1 never stops and neither should you if you want to get involved and make your career in the sport.

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