If you are interested in working in Formula 1 but are wondering where to start, then I suggest you read and absorb what I have to say below before you go any further.

1) 5 top tips
If you only read one thing, this should be it. Quick, simple and to the point.

2) What is the Formula 1 mindset?
Have you got what it takes? Find out here if you have the mindset you need.

3) The best University for working in F1
A series of articles on how to choose which university to go to

4) How much can I earn in F1?
Will F1 make you rich? Get an idea of what you can earn.

5) Learn from others
The single best selection of quotes and advice I have seen in one place. A must read.

6) Research your way into F1
Career paths into F1 are all over the internet if you only know where to look

7) Stepping Stones into F1
The secret that I and many other F1 people used to make their careers

8) Learn to go your own way
Why you can’t rely on Formula Student to get you a job

9) Break down the barriers between you and F1
Learn to see yourself from the inside and what drives decision making

10) Where you need to be to work in F1
There isn’t an F1 team on every street corner – find out why and how it helps you


Richard Ladbrooke shares his personal and professional experience to give you a unique guide to making your own career in Formula 1. “How to get a job in Grand Prix Racing” shows you everything you need to get on the grid and become a successful engineer or marketer in Formula 1. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to make a career you’ll never forget.


  1. Hello,

    First of all, congrats for your excellent job. Your blog is an inspiration for me. I’m a Mechanical Engineering student from Brazil, and at the moment I’m doing exchange, studying Motorsport Engineering in Coventry University. I want to work either as a vehicle dynamicist or as a race engineer in F1. I am trying to get a placement at a race team in UK, and for that I researched a list of several teams from multiple categories, that are located near to Coventry.

    So far, the steps I have followed in order to improve my employability in motorsport are as follows:

    1. ​​I did a six-month placement in a Brazilian company that builds the cars for the largest motorsport category and some smaller categories in Brazil.

    2. I started to write a blog on vehicle dynamics and motorsport engineering (http://racingcardynamics.com/), which is intended to work as both, an online portfolio, and a motivation to learn more about the field I want to work on.

    3. I am currently taking part of a project called Adjustable Vehicle at Coventry University, where students will design and build new systems to a Robin Hood kit car, and make these systems adjustable so that we can see the influence of a change in parameters on the behaviour of the car. In this project, I’m responsible for the data acquisition of the car.

    4. I am also doing a dissertation project, named “Path Optimisation and Vehicle Parameterisation” where I’ll build a full vehicle model and a driver model in MSC Adams. Then I’ll use an optimisation procedure to find out the best approach to a corner and investigate how the vehicle parameters will affect the optimal path.

    5. I was member on a project where students design and build an off-road race car for four years, where I worked as the suspension coordinator and design manager. Also, I did one year of undergraduate research on aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics.

    I have three questions:

    1. What else do you think I need to get a chance of getting a placement in a racing team?

    2. What would be the best approach to contact the teams? I thought about offering to do unpaid work in smaller formula categories, being most interested in doing track jobs, specially data acquisition and vehicle setup. Do you think it would be better to send my CV together with a covering letter through e-mail, or directly contact them through the phone?

    3. As an international student, I have great concerns on how the requirement for a visa would impact my chances on getting a job in F1. What do you think I need in order to convince a team to sponsor me for a visa?

    Rodrigo Santos
  2. Hey man, I’m from the United States and I want to be involved in Formula 1 in the future, specifically working in the garage. I’m only in High school but I want to know if you know any universities that could get me involved in F1. Just to let you know F1 is getting pretty popular over here in the states, even more so now that Austin holds an F1 race which is only about 2 hours away from where I live. I know that it’s going to be tougher to get into F1 because I’m an American but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get involved.


    1. Hi Ethan

      Try this


      I dont know much about US universities but whatever works for Indy / NASCAR would be good for F1

  3. hi,

    I currently study Automotive Engineering at Loughborough University and for this summer I was looking to find a role in a motorsport team to gain some real racing experience. I have probably sent 100 CV’s by now but I still struggle to find someone giving me the chance to work for free in his company. What advices can you give me apart from the ones already given in the volunteering post?


    1. Have you picked up the phone or been to their premises or the race track? Letters are very easy to throw in the bin and ignore


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