The off-season hasn’t been only reason I’ve been quiet on the blog recently. I’ve been writing a book.

Job in F1 has been online for over two years now and is full of content, over 70 posts in fact. I hope that the content has proven useful, I’ve certainly had plenty of feedback. The blog itself has more followers than I ever imagined possible so I must have done something right.

The blog however is hard to navigate. The posts are not in any sort of logical order and one rarely relates to the previous or the following. It isn’t very readable as a resource I am well aware of that.

When I started the blog I wanted it to be a collection of my advice on getting a job in F1, somewhere I could just send people and they could get all of the answers they desired. A one-stop shop if you like.

It hasn’t quite worked out like that however. To be truly accessible the information and advice needs to be a little more ordered and a little more organised. With the blog that is hard to achieve and so I had the idea some time ago of writing a book. A great idea I thought but I didn’t realise just how difficult that would be. Not as easy as I imagined.

My book is nearly complete and it is definitely what I had envisaged but it’s taken a while. I think I’ve been writing it for over a year !

It’s a start to finish guide about how to get a job in F1. From school, through university, work experience, the motorsport industry, essential skills, job descriptions, common mistakes and frequently asked questions I think I’ve covered it all but it has certainly taken some work and research.

My hope is to release it in Amazon Kindle format as soon as I can and perhaps some other e-book formats. I may even produce it in print format although I think that might be a costly venture. We will have to see. It’s certainly been an exciting and rewarding challenge.

The book has been the real reason why the blog updates have been so infrequent lately but I hope it has been worth the effort. I’m looking forward to getting some feedback on it as it has been so long in the making. Whilst the blog is a good resource the book format should make the advice easier to follow and I hope it shows you how everything fits together. My intention is that you can pick it up and just follow it through chapter by chapter.

It’s not quite finished yet and still requires editing and proof reading but I felt that now was a good time to explain what I’d been doing and where my efforts have been directed. The blog has definately suffered as a result but I thinks it’s been worthwhile.  I certainly hope so.

I’m not quite sure when I’ll be 100% finished the book but it should be in the coming weeks. I’m already working on the next few blog posts here so I expect there will be a good deal more activity and updates around in general in the coming months. Keep checking back and feel free to ask a question or send feedback via the blog comments.

Here is to another good season and lots more jobs in F1. Good luck.



  1. First of all I’m sorry for my English.
    I appreciate your dedication to the blog and your concern to tell us the reason for the absence of posts. Really thank for the blog, for all the posts and for dedicate a bit of your busy time to answer the comments. Wish you all the best.
    Your advices have been present in my day by day. This year I’m completely dedicated to the motorsport. I’m studying data analysis, race car dynamics and I’m working for Porsche GT3 Cup and Stock Car in Brazil. Looking forward to go to Europe next year to do a post graduation in Motorsport engineering as you advised me. Also I’m making contacts with engineers in Europe to look for some opportunity in races there. Just saying it for let you know that you help a lot with your blog, that your job on this website has inspired people to fight for their dreams.
    Obviously I’m read your book. Hope this come soon.

    Tamires Lustosa
    1. Thanks so much for that, it’s really great to hear that your study and work experience is going well. Good on you and keep up the good work

      1. Hey! (sorry for jumping like that, out of nowhere into the conversation). Im from Venezuela, and i never thought of Brazil a trampolin into F1, or at least into some other high level category. Is Brazil Stock Car or GT3 a good starting point into a racing career with a Formula 1 (or Le Mans) future?

        Greetings from Venezuela, Average Joe… ๐Ÿ˜€ I desperately want that book, no matter how (the legal way of course)

        LuisFer Uribe
  2. Best of luck. My friends use LeanPub to publish books with feedback.

    Per Lundholm
  3. Looking forward to the book!

    I commented on a previous article a month or so ago asking about marketing in Formula 1. If you could go back and have a look at it and answer it that would be a massive help. There is literally no information on how to get involved with a Formula 1 team’s marketing department. You could make it a whole blog post as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks, you do an invaluable service in an industry that seems so hard to break into.

    1. Thanks Sam. I’ve made a note and I’ll try and do that. You’ll be pleased to know there is some of that info in the book already!!

      1. Without giving too much content away, is it a viable career path to go into? I love F1 but never had the skillset an engineer would require and this seems like my shot at getting involved in the sport that I love. Thankyou!

        1. Yes of course it is perfectly viable. The only thing to bear in mind is that there are less marketing people than engineers and mechanics (generally) so you will be competing for fewer places. You can find a lot of F1 marketing people on LinkedIn so take a look at their qualifications and career history as a starting point

          1. Oxford Brookes does seem like a solid University for people at least for the Williams team! Will scout out some more information but already learning things and sending some emails out!

  4. If you need a careful proofreader I’d be happy to donate my services, as your blog has been a great resource for me for quite some time.

    David Alex
    1. Thanks David! Appreciate that.

  5. Hi, I love your blog and cant wait for the book. Congrats and good luck in the new f1 season

    1. Thanks Wuntia

  6. I want to join in f1racing nd take in that nd it’s my life ambasion

  7. Please let us know as soon as possible ! I’m going to join university in a few months , and I don’t want to waste time making bad decisions . The book , will definitely be of help !

  8. Pretty excited to read the book!! It will be for sure worth the effort

    Wagner b

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