If you have been following my blog for any length of time, or have read my book you will know how critical work placements can be for University students who want to break into the motorsport industry.

These 12 months placements really are a golden opportunity for students during their degrees and offer the most likely route to a full-time job at a Formula 1 team after graduation.

The Williams F1 team are offering multiple placements for the academic year 2016-2017 in various areas of the business such as Aerodynamics, Design, Vehicle Science, Test Facilities Departments and also at Williams Advanced Engineering. If you haven’t already you should be applying for these roles as a matter of urgency.

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The deadline for applications is 31st October and details can be found on their website below.


Before you do apply however I recommend you read my post on what work placements mean, how to get one and how to make the most of them.



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  1. Is their any chance for an bba graduate and pdgm marketing guy to enter these field at any level

    1. Hi Ashkay

      Of course there is but these placements are specifically for engineering students. I think the advert says :

      “Only students taking part in the student placement programmes can be accommodated in our Aerodynamics, Design, Vehicle Science, Test Facilities Departments and Williams Advanced Engineering. We do not offer student placements on our Race, Test Teams or Marketing. ”

      Without an engineering degree I do think you would be more suited to the role than an engineer but there are often marketing placements advertised or available at other teams. I would contact the other teams to ask what might be available and when for the coming year.

  2. Hi !
    Thank you for another great post. This is definitely going to help in my third year internship.
    I had a doubt, there are several good universities (good, but not elite like MIT, Caltech, Oxford etc.) I’m talking about colleges like University of Southampton, Loughborough University among others that offer a specific ‘Motorsport Graduate’ Degree.
    Now my question is am I better off with a conventional masters degree or will a Motorsport degree give me the edge I need?

    1. Hi Aditya

      This is a very common question that you’ve asked.

      There are several posts on my site about these issues please see :


      I hope these can answer your questions


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