This weekend see one of the highlights of the British and worldwide motorsport calendar. The final round of World Rally Championship or WRC starts on Friday near Llandudno in Wales. The championship might already be wrapped up this year by Sebastien Ogier but there is almost guaranteed action in the mud and difficult conditions that this event routinely throws at competitors. If you haven’t witnessed a WRC event yet then you should seriously be considering heading to the forests this weekend for more reason than one.

Rallying is a very different motorsport discipline to Formula 1 but the levels of technology that are incorporated in the cars and the vast range of challenges that are presented across each event on the calendar make it no less impressive. Tarmac, snow, mud, gravel and even sand make rallying a truly multi-disciplined sport which requires the very best engineers in order to make the most of it.

Manufacturers come and go from the WRC scene but the series is making the beginnings of a comeback at the time of writing with several new competitors joining the action or developing cars in waiting. If the commercial rights and television coverage can be brought up to where they should be then I personally think that rallying will be set for a very strong future over the coming years.

Your mind might be set on Formula 1 but you should not ignore this dirty and raw companion on the world motorsport scene as it present a great many opportunities for work experience and career development without the intense competition for places that Formula 1 vacancies are subject to.

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The job role above is listed on the M-Sport website. For those of your not aware, M-Sport is a rally (and race) team and manufacturer run by ex-rally driver Malcolm Wilson. It has very strong ties with Ford having previously been the Ford works team in the World Rally Championship.

As mentioned, rallying is a popular sport but doesn’t attract the sheer numbers of applicants that Formula 1 team do and so it tends to take on less experienced candidates and has to work harder in order to recruit the best people. This junior role is a prime example as it is clearly for inexperienced people, perhaps fresh out of college or in their first job outside of the motorsport world.

A comprehensive training program is included to learn the skills required to manufacture high specification wiring harnesses from aerospace grade materials.

You are not likely to see offers such as the above in a Formula 1 job advert and yet here is a role within a successful motorsport team competing at the highest level in an FIA world championship event. What more can you ask ?

You might need to wrap up warm but I highly recommend that you head for Wales this weekend, not only for a dose of sideways action from rallying’s big stars but also because it could be prove to be an open door to start your own motorsport career.