Formula 1 is all about competition. Life is all about competition.

As we all know, opportunities in F1 are limited and there are more of you out there than there are vacancies on the grid. Winning is all about being more inventive, being more determined and finding opportunity where others fail to spot it.

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The screen grab above is from the website of NatSKA, the National Schools Karting Association which is a very small group which organises grassroots kart racing for secondary school children. Competitors are encouraged to make and improve their own chassis and engines using school workshops and materials in order to develop their mechanical understanding and practical skills and then race what they have made at the weekends.

The group have however evidently negotiated a work placement opportunity with the Force India F1 team for a lucky participant. This really is a case of grassroots racing meeting the pinnacle of motorsport and not where you might expect such a brilliant opening to come from.

Who has ever heard of NatSKA ? Be honest. Not many of you I would likely bet but if you had done your research, gone your own way and dug a little bit deeper then this opportunity and others like it are out there and waiting for you.

It’s a lesson in perseverance and one which you should not ignore. Life and F1 are about competition. You will not win if you simply follow the crowd so get out there and make your own luck.

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