Working with an F1 team during your university or college course is a golden opportunity for anyone wanting to work in motorsport. The experience you get and the industry contacts that you develop can set you on your way to a long term and successful career in this sport.

What if you could work with more than 1 team at the same time however ? What about 2 teams ? How about spending your placement year working with half of the teams on the current F1 grid and perhaps manufacturers in the WEC, rallying and touring cars all at the same time ? You don’t think that is possible ? Well, think again.

AP Racing Student Placement Advert

AP Racing, based in Coventry in the UK has won over 700 Grand Prix since it started 50 years ago and has supplied stopping power to all of the famous names on the F1 grid at various times. Braking performance is often the unsung hero of a racing car’s capability but without stable and predictable brakes a driver often struggles not only dissipate straight line speed but also with corner entry. Good braking performance is critical to every racing car and this is why AP racing work so closely with every team that they supply. Teams rely on their expertise and decades of development experience to deliver reliable stopping performance.

A placement with AP racing may not have to immediate glamour and attraction of a placement with the teams but it is something you should consider very carefully. AP racing work closely with each team that they supply, visiting their premises, discussing requirements with their engineers and developing bespoke components to individually suit each car on the grid. A placement here may allow you to develop relationships with a number of future employers and gain insight into how teams work and differ from each other. AP racing is an A-list supplier to the F1 grid, make no mistake.

The deadline for applications is Friday 15th January and details can be found on their website below.

If you wish to apply, I recommend you read my post on what work placements mean, how to get one and how to make the most of them.

Good luck and don’t miss out.