For the 4th year running, Silverstone Circuit are offering their “Race Maker” program to volunteers wanting get involved in the running of major motorsport events. With the deadline of February 1st fast approaching you should not be ignoring this fantastic opportunity.

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The enormous success of the “Games Maker” program at the 2012 London Olympics has paved the way for many other high profile and well attended sporting events to create more engaging and social orientated volunteer programs. Silverstone Circuits were quick to spot the benefits of this and quickly launched their “Race Maker” program for the 2013 British Grand Prix. The primary benefit for the organisers is of course that they get a large and enthusiastic army of volunteers whereas previously they have had to pay for contract staff but the rewards go far beyond that. The event focussed training, social interaction with follow Race Makers and high profile make this an ideal way to get involved in motorsport from the inside at the highest level.

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The biggest change to the 2016 Race Maker program is that it now extends over 4 of Silverstone’s big events rather than being just for the F1 Grand Prix. I know that the majority of you are ultimately interest in Formula One as a destination but I honestly believe this development is fantastic news.

As I have said on many occasions, the best route to F1 is often to go down the road less travelled on the way rather than become blinded by the bright lights of Grand Prix racing. F1’s popularity is your biggest enemy as competition lengthens the odds of getting involved but even a modest amount of experience of wider motorsport such as the WEC, WRC or BTCC can allow you to leapfrog the crowds and put you in a prime position for a job in Formula 1.

Silverstone have offered in their literature for the Race Maker program that preference will be given to those happy to make themselves available for all 4 events rather than just the Grand Prix and I think this is a very clear example of what I am talking about. If you want to volunteer at the Grand Prix but suggest that you are only interested in F1 and not willing to look at the other events, you are not likely to be accepted as a Race Maker.

If on the other hand you show a wider interest in the sport and are happy to take tickets and welcome race goers at the Touring Car meeting you are in a great position to then take a more responsible role as a Race Maker, such as paddock crowd control, at the British Grand Prix. The small initial steps that you take in racing can often quickly build pace into giant leaps towards your ultimate goal.

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The greatest benefit to you however as a Race Maker will be your fellow volunteers. The training days and social environment that Silverstone have created around the Race Maker program mean that you will get to meet and interact with a whole host of fellow motorsport enthusiasts, marshals and event organisers who between them will have a wealth of experience and contacts that can help to inspire you and potentially give you the break that you have been looking for.

There is a saying that you are a product of the people that you surround yourself with and I believe in this 100%. If you surround yourself with people who don’t understand racing and have never been involved, making inroads into the sport will be extremely difficult as you need to break the mould. If on the other hand you surround yourself with other motorsport people who have marshalled, competed, worked in the industry and regularly attend races then you will absorb huge amounts of knowledge and confidence just by being with them. You will see how it can be done, how it works and where the opportunities lie. You will be swept along a motorsport life just by being in that circle and I think this is probably the biggest advantage of the Race Maker program.

If you are eligible (you must be 18 or over) and able to make it to Silverstone I would not hesitate to apply before February 1st. I’ve been to more than a handful of Grand Prix in my time but I am actually quite tempted to put myself forward for this as I would be very interested to see more of what goes on behind the scenes of these events. You never know, we might end up sharing a ticket gate in July ! It would be great to chat and see what we can do to get you onto the motorsport ladder.

You can find more information and submit an online application at the url below. Good luck and make the most of it.