published its first post way back on 16th January 2013. At that time, was called still “Work in Motorsport” but quite a lot has changed since then and well over 100 new posts on a whole host of subjects have been added to the site.

On a personal level I have been able to talk to and help a great number of you and see you develop into real motorsport people with a bright future ahead of you. That has always been the aim of this blog and it has made the time and effort that I have spent on it thoroughly worthwhile.

As we look to the future however, I want to reach more motorsport hopefuls and give them even greater insight and useful advice to start them on their racing careers. I have a number of different ideas about how to develop the site and new content that could be created but it you the audience who I think can have the greatest input into the future for this blog.

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To help me shape the future of and make it into the most authoritative and comprehensive motorsport careers website on the internet I will need your help. By clicking the link below you will be able to have your say and submit ideas and requests for a completely new site which will in due course replace the current

I need to know what you are struggling with most of all and what it is that you most need from me in order to get ahead in your career. Whatever it is, just add it to the survey and I will do my best to include that in the formation of the new site.

In return for your ideas and your help with this project I will be allowing 10 lucky subscribers to share in the development of the new site and to test drive it before it is released to the public. To be in with a chance of being of one those ten just add your email address to the bottom of the form.


Thank you for your continued support of and here is to a long and successful future for both of us.