Toro Rosso have become the latest team to release details of their 2016 student placement scheme and there are several places up for grabs.

Toro Rosso are very much a multi-national team with the factory being based in Italy, the owners being from Austria and the wind tunnel and aerodynamicists being based in the United Kingdom. The placements on offer here are part of that UK based aerodynamics group.

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As the description tells you, these roles are all in the aerodynamics group but could vary from 3D surface modelling in CAD to designing and developing the team’s wind tunnel model. The advert very clearly states that Toro Rosso’s aim is to get you fully involved in the car performance development as soon as possible and so these placements seem like an unmissable opportunity !

Your progression from that point will only be limited by your capabilities

The advert hints that they are looking for candidates with strong understanding of engineering fundamentals but also good knowledge of manufacturing techniques. In the wind tunnel group, this may involve work with carbon fibre (although not necessarily), rapid prototyping techniques and materials (3D printing in effect) but also some metal work and mechanical systems for the internal of the model and the wind tunnel itself.

I would familiarise yourself with the F1 sporting regulations about wind tunnel time and CFD limitations so that you at least have some knowledge of the boundaries within which this group must work.

The placements appear to run for 12 months from July to July but in my experience this is generally negotiable. I expect that strong candidates could stay longer, perhaps take a final year project back with them and eventually rejoin the team as a graduate engineer. Placements such as these are always in effect year long job interview but as the advertisement says, “Your progression from that point will only be limited by your capabilities”. Best of luck.

The deadline for applications will be 11th March 2016. Details can be found at :