Although the focus of this website is on engineering and mechanical roles, I know that a lot of my readers aim to work in other roles within the sport. Marketing is one of the most popular of those and this week a great opportunity for marketing graduates has arisen at Williams F1.

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This role is firmly trackside based and involves travel to race events across the world, working with VIP sponsors and partners in the William Motorhome and hospitality suite. Through a customer facing element to the role you will get to see first hand how Formula 1 teams interact with their clients and create an unrivalled experience for them behind the scenes of the main team operation. You will also be required to support the senior marketing team with planning of events and the overall marketing strategy.

It is not just the sponsors that must be catered for either. Williams hospitality caters for its own crew too including the drivers and senior technical staff. You will also come into contact with influential members of the press and potentially the governing bodies of the sport. You could be hosting Bernie Ecclestone or Jean Todt as part of your routine.

The role is a temporary one however, lasting just 12 months so may be a cover for maternity but like any of these intern roles, the experience and material for your CV is invaluable and who knows what that could lead to in the future. Most internships are in effect year long interviews and so this could be the start of something very big.

For more details go ahead and check out the vacancy on the Williams F1 website :

or find it here if that link has expired.

Gradaute Marketing Intern at Williams F1

If the Williams vacancy is of interest to you then you should probably also look at this internship with Red Bull rallycross team. It is US based but sounds like an equally exciting opportunity :

Best of luck and I might bump into you in the paddock next season !


  1. Dear Richard

    Thanks for posting all these wonderful articles. They are truly an inspiration. Being a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, i am still striving to be in a Motorsport Setup, but being in India, and sending emails to individual teams and HR’s is not really been helpful ( I am into Design and Development of Special Purpose Machines, JIgs and Fixtures, Gauges. Apart from this i had my own startup of making two seater open wheeler car. Also i have been in the Volunteer role as a Technical Scrutineer for F1 for past 5 years with around 15 F1 GP’s and GP2 races), as i guess these experiences are not something a modern day F1 team might look in a candidate. But here is the problem, my country doesn’t have a setup with a mindset of having world class teams with a R&D facility, wherein i can add some experience to my resume.

    I have the Design know-how and a mindset of looking to do things in different perception but i guess its not enough. But being in Garages of teams during a F1 weekend as a Garage Scrutineer, i have learnt a lot by observation and i make a point to make notes of whatever i see, and ask the mechanics and engineers for my doubts. Basically learning by seeing. i am passionate about the engineering side of the cars, but don’t have the requisite financial background to do a Masters degree as of now.

    Any suggestions, on how should i proceed with my case, please let me know. Also,I have gone on to say the teams, i have the industrial experience, but i am still ready for an internship or apprenticeship or part time position as well, wherein the team or the organization can scrutinize me and my work and make a decision accordingly.

    Your informed guidance would be really helpful.

    Kartik, India

    Kartik Chaturvedi
  2. Hi Richard!

    I’ve been an avid reader for a while already, but this is my first time commenting!
    I am more than keen on this position but I don’t seem to be able to fin it on their website. I graduated on sports marketing last year but haven’t managed to get so much further since then, although I did plenty of work experience during my student years.
    I attended the MIA fair and although it was mostly engineering focused I count it as a positive experience at least. Hope you can keep showing us the non technical hopefuls a few other bits and tricks.

    Thank you for the time you put on this blog.

    1. Hi Elena

      You are right – it does seem to have dropped off the list. None of the vacancies on their site have deadlines or dates attached to them. That’s unusual but perhaps it has expired. I check quite frequently and I had not noticed it until recently but perhaps you could contact their HR to enquire directly?

    2. Hi Elena

      I saw this Event Manager role with Formula E which might suit you if you had no luck with Formula E

      (Bottom of page)

      1. Thank you Richard!

        I will surely give it a go

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you put into this blog. I am proof that the information you provide helps. I’m a first year A level student and after seeing on your blog I applied for a work experience placement at Williams F1. Yesterday I found out that I successfully gained a week placement out of 150 applicants! I also attended the MIA jobs fair this week, which opened opportunities to both me and my dad! I got to speak to the Technical director of Manor Racing who is also keen to take me on as a work experience student. I wouldn’t have got these opportunities without this blog so thank you!

    1. Emilia – that is fantastic news !! I am so pleased for you and well done. You should take all of the credit and be very proud of what you’ve achieved.

      It’s great to see people who have found inspiration from the blog starting to see results – this is exactly why I do it so thank you for letting me know.

      That has made my day ! Enjoy the placement and let me know how things go in the future !



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