Apprenticeships are making something of a comeback in manufacturing and offer fantastic opportunities to learn a trade and skills set whilst earning and completing college studies in your chosen area.

Mercedes AMG F1 team are currently advertising for 4 different type of apprenticeships in manufacturing, each offering the chance to learn on the job and get involved with making their Formula 1 cars.

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If you do not want to invest in university degree or do not feel like you have the attributes for that route you do not need to worry. Contrary to popular opinion not everybody in a Formula 1 team has a degree, far from it and apprenticeships offer the ideal route for anybody wanting start out in high level motorsport.

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In my team, many of our apprentices have gone on to grow through the company and many make their way onto the race team as mechanics. They are now key parts of the pitcrew and senior mechanics for each of the cars. It really is a route that is only limited by your ability so I wholly recommend applying for these roles if this appeals.

The deadline for applications is 20th March 2016 and more details can be found at :

Best of luck.


  1. I know it is hard to ‘recommend’ the better option, but for someone like myself who isn’t entirely sure which role they would like to be in, but would like to be on the frontline, in the pits and paddock; would these apprenticeships be suitable? I’ve already applied for University and had conditional offers.

    Luke Burrows
    1. Hi Luke

      As you say, it’s a tough one but many apprentices do go on to be race team mechanics after their apprenticeships have finished. This is a bit more difficult from manufacturing based apprenticeships rather than assembly or sub-assembly roles but you should get the opportunity to diversify at some point.

      In short yes, but there would be more work to do at the end of the apprenticeship to secure those roles. You couldn’t be race engineer or strategist via this kind of route. It would be mechanic / pit crew type of role

      Hope that helps

      1. Thanks for the info as always !

        I thought that being part of pit crew would be some route to end up in strategist or race engineer. So, that´s not true?

        I am aware of your advices to get in those dreamed positions, I just thought that being part of pit crew would be another route. I was wrong then 🙂

        PS- Obviously being a F1 mechanic is a dreamed position too. But I would not want to close doors for being engineer….(in F1 or whichever racing team)


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