Insight into life at a Formula 1 team is surprisingly rare given the interest in what goes on behind the scenes.

Although I try and paint a picture through this blog of what working in Formula 1 is like, that is only my opinion and experience. I think there is great benefit in getting a broad range of insight from different people at different teams and in different roles.

Renault Sport F1 published a series of articles back in 2015 interviewing employees at their Viry engine development facility near Paris. The 6-part series looks at each job role in turn and interviews 2 people who work in that area of the company. The series is entitled “The Generation Game” because one employee is very experienced and has worked in motorsport for a long time and the other is a newcomer to the industry. They compare what they do day to day and how things are now compared to how they were 10 or 20 years ago.

It is a fascinating insight, and a well written series of articles which I hope will give you a lot of information and encouragement. Hopefully there is something here for everyone no matter what job role you aspire to when you start your own career in F1.

Part 1 : On Track

Part 2 : Design Office

Part 3 : Electronics

Part 4 : Engine Assembly

Part 5 : Dynos

Part 6 : Logistics

In case the url is not available or has been archived, you can also find the articles in the attached zip file below :

Renault Sport – The Generation Game Series


  1. Hello,

    Sorry this post isn’t under the right section, (the student placement section wouldn’t take any comments)
    I have a difficult yet fortunate decision to make,I currently live in the United States and have been accepted to
    University-North Carolina for Mechanical Engineering ( a good school with a location near the US motorsport triangle)
    I have also been accepted to 5 schools in the U.K. for mechanical and motorsport engineering ( Kingston and Derby to name a few )
    My end goal would be to work for a formula 1 team as a designer,I have reasearched the schools and the end cost would be very similar (the U.K. schools being only 3 years or as opposed to the US being 4)
    With this in mind,I was wondering If you have any advice on which country to study in,I am starting to lean to a certain side, but I would love some more input.

    All the best,
    Jake S.

    Jake Shebuski
    1. Hi Jake

      Thanks for the comment – sorry for the delay in replying – been busy as always !

      Firstly well done on getting so many offers of places – that is a really good start. If your end goal is Formula 1 then I would say that the UK should be your ultimate target and experiencing that through study is an ideal, non-committal way to see if this country is for you. Even though we speak the same language (almost) then there are differences and it isn’t for everyone.

      To study here is a big advantage as you can get much closer to the teams and more importantly the support industry that goes with it. Taking a bold step such as moving country is a clear signal of commitment and intent that you can talk about in your CV. It shows you really want it.

      Having said that with Haas starting up in NC also then you have an opportunity within your home country to be involved in F1. It is just 1 team however and your chances of that would be much reduced just in terms of sheer probability.

      I hope that helps ?


  2. I have a speech for one of my classes and I am required to have an interview as one of my sources. My topic is on the current safety in open wheel racing. I was interested to know if you would be available to answer some questions for my topic.

    1. Hi Allison yes you can no problem


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