• A Formula 1 vacancy for recent graduates
  • Opportunity to go trackside at races and test sessions with a Formula 1 team.
  • A role to suit mechanical or aerodynamic engineers, mathematicians or software engineers.
  • What could be better ?

    It has been a while since I posted on this site as many of you will know I am spending much of my spare time developing a completely new site which I hope to launch sometime in the near future.

    An interesting job caught my eye this week however and I thought I would quickly share it with you. Graduate jobs come up more often than many people think and this one at Force India looks to be an especially good opportunity. Right at the sharp end of performance led development, a trackside Aero Performance Engineer studies and analyses every aspect of a Formula 1 car’s aerodynamic performance whilst it is on track. He or she works closely with the race engineers to optimise the downforce, aerodynamic balance and behaviour of the car on track which is normally dominated by aerodynamics.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 21.53.56

    When you see Formula 1 cars fitted with rakes or other aerodynamic measuring devices it will be the Aero Performance Engineers who are studying the data and feeding back their findings to the factory for correlation with the wind tunnel and CFD.

    A successful Aero Performance Engineer can go on to work as a Data Engineer or Race Engineer in the future if they so wish or go back to the factory and work as an Aerodynamicist.

    Although this advert asks for previous high level motorsport experience, it clearly states that recent graduates who show the right qualifications and enthusiasm for the job will be considered. This is a critical role for a modern Formula 1 team and Force India are clearly looking for promising young candidates who they can work with and develop into valuable engineers in the future.

    If you are in a position to do so, I would highly recommend applying for one of these role and getting some experience at the very sharpest end of Formula 1 track performance.

    More details can be found via the link below and good luck.


    New site update

    The new site is coming along nicely now, a real visual improvement over the current one and the new features and navigation are taking shape and should, I hope offer a big step forward. The blog itself will of course move over to the new site but I hope also to offer a more tutorial and learning style format which you can follow to specific goals that you might have in mind. It is an exciting time but as always, balancing a demanding full time job in Formula 1 with the work required to get a complete new website up and running is difficult. I had hoped to be live by this time but sadly that just hasn’t been possible.

    The new site will however be worth the wait I am certain so please bear with me on that. There is still time to have your say of course and shape how that new site works and what features it contains. The subscriber survey has gathered a huge number of responses and it is still live if you wish to have your say. Simply click the link below and put forward your suggestions and requests – after all this site is for you and my aim is for you to get the very best out of it.


    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.