National Motorsports Week (NMW) is a Motorsports Industry Association initiative aimed a promoting motorsport activities and companies across the UK and inviting members of the public to get a close up and personal view of what goes on behind this normally secretive closed door industry.

As an aspiring motorsport person yourself, National Motorsports Week offers a fantastic opportunity to get involved, see inside and make contacts which might be invaluable for your future employment. It is a fantastic initiative and one which you should aim to get fully involved with if you are able.

Running from 1st to 10th of July, National Motorsports Week bridges the period between 2 of the highest profile events on the UK motorsports calendar. The Formula E race at Battersea Park and the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone are 2 of the best attended meetings of the year but much of the attraction during National Motorsports Week take place away from the circuit and back at the factories.

In the National Motorsports Week organiser’s own words :

As well as including Britain’s highest profile race meeting, National Motorsport Week also features a wide range of initiatives and activities ranging from novice taster events run by local motor clubs to factory visits and open days at many of the UK’s premier motor sport-focused organisations.

Its aim is simple; to promote and inspire the excitement of motorsport to new audiences – to generate more interest, spectators, competitors, marshals, officials and jobs.

National Motorsport Week has run each year since 2006, with the valued backing of the MSA’s affiliated motor clubs. Its aim is to attract wider media coverage, which in turn introduces new fans, competitors, spectators, organisers, engineers, journalists, photographers and much needed marshals to the planet’s most thrilling sport.

In recent years, several Formula 1 teams have opened their doors to visitors as well as many lower Formula teams and key suppliers. You could easily be walking around a company that you might work for in the future and absorb information that could help you in an interview or application situation.

Many motorsport enthusiasts will be out looking to talk about what they do and how you can get involved. It is rare that so many free and open events take place in such a concentrated time period and so you should keep a close eye on the events page as more and more get posted and confirmed.

If it were me, I would honestly give the F1 Grand Prix a miss this year and spend your petrol money and hard earned pocket money on getting to as many of these grass roots events as possible as they are potentially far more beneficial for your future career. That after all is what we are all here for. The Grand Prix can wait – you might be back next year with a team shirt and paddock pass and that is where we all want to be.

More details can be found at the link below. Best of luck.