As regular readers of my blog will know, I spend much of my energy convincing people that the best way of getting a job in Formula 1 is to look as far away from the F1 teams as you possibly can. It might sound counterintuitive but this is exactly the point. The further you can get from the crowd the greater chance you have of finding an open door into the motorsport world. This post is all about a golden opportunity for exactly that.

It has been a long while since I last posted on this blog. We are in the process of developing a new and much better site which offers more course based learning content and downloadable resources. That process is much longer than I ever expected, especially as I have a very committed and time consuming job in Formula 1 !

In this instance I came across an opportunity for people new to the sport to get signed up to internships, placements and apprenticeships at a well respected but not necessarily well known company. Outside of the motorsport world I would not have expected many people to have heard of Xtrac and yet this company is design & manufacturing company that supplies almost every type of motorsport category from clubman to Formula 1. If you haven’t heard of Xtrac then this video should get you in the picture :

As recently as 2011, Xtrac have supplied Formula 1 teams with their gearboxes and currently supply many teams in the Le Mans, the World Endurance Championship and the World Rally Championship. Experienced gained at Xtrac would be valued by the whole of the motorsport industry including F1 teams.

Their careers section is currently offering Apprenticeships, Engineering Placements and Operations Placements for 2017.

The great thing about these placements is not only that you are likely to gain skills, experience and credibility that is valuable throughout the entire motorsport industry, you have a MUCH greater chance of getting selected for these roles than you would for a similar Formula 1 placement. The popularity and public presence of Formula 1 teams means that literally thousands of applicants are likely chase after just a single placement opportunity and no matter how good you are, it very difficult to be seen in amongst such a crowd. With Xtrac however it more likely that they will struggle to attract good quality applicants because they do not have the wider public reputation that Formula 1 teams enjoy. A state of arbitrage exists because the value of what Xtrac are offering far exceeds the competition that there will be for that opportunity.

As many of you will know, I got my first motorsport job in a very similar company to Xtrac. My boss at the time told me that he had advertised for that graduate role no fewer than 3 times in the preceding year and had hardly any worthwhile applicants. He really struggled to get the word out that they offered roles for inexperienced people and yet the role allowed me to work straightaway on high level racing cars and spend time trackside learning all about professional motorsport. When I decided to move on, my experience at this company put me close to the top of the pile for my next job because I had that all too valuable “previous experience in motorsport”. What appears so difficult when you lust after a role in Formula 1 can actually be gained very easily if you just use your head and be patient.

I can’t emphasise enough just how valuable these types of opportunities are. Learning about Xtrac and companies like it will reap huge rewards in the long term as you will greatly boost your choices for getting started in your career.

In our new site we are developing a full careers and resources section in which we list over 100 motorsport companies just like Xtrac. We will feature current vacancies, links and background information about these companies and the types of career opportunities that they offer. If you are serious about a career in Formula 1 or any other type of top level motorsport then this is the kind of help that you can’t afford to ignore.

Get applying !!