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The whole racing industry under one roof

This week sees the first major event of the 2017 UK motorsport season and it could be a fantastic place to make inroads into your future motorsport career.

The Autosport International show is an annual event taking place at the NEC where the motorsport community comes together to collaborate, communication and celebrate all things motorsport.

This year’s event promises to be one of the biggest ever with the Williams F1 team taking centre stage at they celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Just about every company involved in motorsport in the UK and many from elsewhere around the world will be represented and so it is a fantastic place to come and learn about how and where to get involved. If you see yourself as a future motorsport person then it is almost inevitable that you will end up working for one of the companies exhibiting here.

Not only are companies on show and ready to talk to you, Autosport International also have a dedicated careers area where prospective students can come and hear from employers and recruitment experts within the industry. Many universities and colleges are also planning to be there and are on-hand to talk about their various courses, how to apply and what entry qualifications you will need. Current students can be found on the stands and they will be all too happy to talk to you about their experiences and show you their Formula Student cars. It is a golden opportunity to learn.

The show starts on Thursday with 2 trade days but students are eligible for entry alongside the rest of the motorsport company employees. Saturday and Sunday are public days and whilst crowded, offer many of the same exhibits and benefits as the preceding days.

I strongly suggest you get up there if you are able as it is one of the biggest trade shows of its type anywhere in the world and a real insight into what goes on behind the scenes in racing.

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6 thoughts on “The whole racing industry under one roof

  1. I am Makhalemele Paul Mahloane,
    14 years of age, Born and currently living in Maseru,Lesotho.
    Student at Machabeng international school of Lesotho, doing S3.
    I am ambitious of being a great, successful Motorsport driver..F1 to say and I have been hunting for the basic training I require to have a Motorsport career, but had no luck as where I’m located there is no racing or car facility nor Motorsport events, so I bumped into How to get a job in F1 and had the privilege to contact you.
    I request your help in terms of research and opportunities to start my career as I have a dream to become the first Mosotho to set foot in Motorsport and my objective is to being fame and spotlight on to my country.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Makhalemele

      Thanks for the comment and it’s great to see that you have such an amazing ambition

      In this blog I get hundreds, if not thousands of similar requests for personal advice and help. I cannot help everyone and so I choose to publish as much general advice as I can. After that I’m afraid, it is up to you.

      A good place to start might be here :


      Otherwise I can only wish you the very best of luck

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