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Whilst the focus in the Formula 1 world is firmly fixed on the championship battle between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastien Vettel, for many F1 job seekers the start of the new academic year is a more mundane and down to earth reality.

This time of year is however also key for those wishing to get started in their motorsport careers through work experience or work placements. Many of the Formula 1 teams have begun their 2018 work placement recruitment places and it always amazes me how many placements are on offer these days.

There really has never been a better time to want to work in F1. Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (the company who’s engine’s power Lewis Hamilton, Valteri Bottas, Force India & Williams F1) have advertised no fewer than 50 work placements for the coming year ! If you have not already, you really need to start searching and getting your applications ready to submit as the deadlines are not far away.

Whilst F1 is the goal for many, don’t forget that there are many more open doors into the industry than just the Formula 1 teams. There will be hundreds of applicants for every one of those F1 work placements but many other high profile motorsport companies struggle to attract quality applicants and will be very keen to hear from you – the more informed F1 job seeker.

XTRAC is a supplier of gearbox and drivetrain components to almost all of the motorsport industry and has all of the techniques, machinery and know-how that F1 teams use to create their own gearboxes. A work placement at this well respected company will put you in pole position for full time F1 recruitment after you have finished your studies and yet I would bet my bottom dollar that there will be a fraction of the competition for those work placements. 5 lucky (or just smart?) university students have started their 2017-2018 placements with XTRAC this past week and the company have already opened the application process for 2018-2019.

Whilst I encourage you to head straight for the top, don’t forget to maximise your chances and look out for those less well contested but equally prestigious placement opportunities on offer.

You can start your career in many ways, but you can often do things the smart way rather than simply rely on pure luck.

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