Would any of you want to work at McLaren, AP Racing, ATL, Ilmor, AVL, Hewland or Mahle ? Would any of you want to attend a free workshop or Q&A session with leading industry recruitment agencies or specialist ? Want to chat with other recent job seekers about how they managed to break through into their motorsport career ?

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it ? Well, actually no it isn’t. The wonderful people at the Motorsport Industry Association, MIA are putting on another one of their fantastic Motorsport Jobs Fairs at the Silverstone Wing on 25th April !

I attended one of these fairs last year and it was a great forum for networking and seeing recruiters and motorsport companies face to face. The stands are typically manned by a mixture of recent recruits and experienced managers and they are typically happy to lend their experience and knowledge to the delegate who are attending. They are there to advise you but let’s be clear, they are also there to recruit people and have as much interest in finding out about you as they are in you finding out about them ! It doesn’t get much better than this !

Entry is free but you’ll have to register ahead of time. One of the key features is the workshop and Q&A sessions organised throughout the day. Representatives from both the National Motorsport Academy and RaceStaff.com will be holding sessions through the day and I would thoroughly recommend going along to listen and ask questions.

More details are available at the MIA events website or you can register via the link below :


  1. Hi! I am considering educating myself so that I work in motorsport or more specifically F1 in the future. I am very technically interested in cars and race cars, therefore I was thinking about getting a technical education. However, in recent weeks there has been a lot of speculation surrounding cost caps and that if teams want to reach these up and coming cost restrictions they are going to have to fire a lot of personal. I even read that Renault has gone so far as freezing there recruitment program. If these cost caps do go through how do you think that will effect people who are educating themselves to one day be able to work in F1 technically? Thank you for a great blog and keep the hard work up!

    1. Hi

      you are right, cost caps could and probably will limit the number of jobs available in F1 because staff are one of the biggest costs for most teams

      on the other hand, the proposals are that the smaller teams will get more of the revenue and many of them operate below the proposed cost cap and so could even take on more people in the future. In truth I think the number of opportunities will not change a great deal so I would keep working towards your goal

  2. Hey,
    Is this mostly aimed at university and college kinda students?

    Atish Sisodia
    1. yes i think so but I am sure that there are a range of jobs discussed

  3. Where is this held ?

    1. link has all the details

  4. Hi,
    I’m from India and wanted to know if this event is being covered online?

    1. i dont think so unfortunately. check the link for details


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