The RACMSA has long governed motorsport in the UK across a wide range of disciplines from grass tracking to karting to Formula 1 and rallying.  Employing over 55 staff, they govern not only the championships themselves but all of the competitors, the circuits, the marshals and more recently have taken on a bigger responsibility in terms of promoting the sport and encouraging newcomers to enter and get involved.  Whilst of course that is mainly aimed at competitors and potential car owners, Motorsport UK are well aware that the strength of the racing scene in the UK is heavily underpinned by the motorsport industry, suppliers and competing teams.  Neglecting the industry would leave the competition side in a weakened state so there are several new initiatives looking at strengthening the links between competitors and the industry and of course, encouraging would be engineers and mechanics to get involved too.

Motorsport UK have launched a new level of membership aimed at the non-competitor and the idea is to engage, involve and encourage those new members to get closer to the sport and see how easily they can move from being purely a spectator to someone who has an active role in motorsport.

Motorsport UK are always on the look out for marshals and volunteer staff to help run major sporting events safely and efficiently even if you don’t have the means to compete yourself.  By joining Motorsport UK you will be given greater access to events, competitors and behind the scenes insight to whet your appetite for more things to come.  The list of benefits is really impressive and even for the casual observer, savings can easily cover the modest up front membership fee.

Beyond discounts and savings on products and services, Trackside membership also gives you behind the scenes access to :

  • Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Factory Tour
  • Tour of McLaren Technology Centre
  • M-Sport Factory Tour
  • Prodrive Factory Tour
  • BTCC garage tours
  • Bentley Factory Tour
  • Jaguar Land Rover and many more!

There are not many ways to get into the factories of front running Formula 1, World Rally and World Endurance Championship teams but Trackside membership gives you that opportunity.  They have also extended invitations to F4 media and launch days and promise other similar

The usual price is quoted as being £24.99 but many partners and institutions offer discount codes to reduce this to £19.99.  A quick google search should reveal those.

As I have said many times on this site and in my book, just getting involved, meeting people and opening doors is the key to getting started.  You wouldn’t believe how many work experience positions and even full time jobs result simply from casual conversations and getting to know people.  With this Trackside membership you can get yourself to the race tracks and factories and get behind the seen to listen and learn first hand and actually talk to the people who do this job day in and day out.  What better opportunity is there than that ?

Click below to go to the Motorsport UK website to find out more about what they do and how it can benefit you.  Good luck !!



  1. Hi, I am a Chinese high school student who has always been reading your fantastic and helpful blogs. And here is a thing I want to ask about: To let more people in China to understand the motorsport industry and have access to work in the motorsport industry, May I have the permission to translate your blogs into Chinese and post it on my own social media account? I will write the statement before every article to claim the source and your copywrites.

    Mark Shen
    1. Hi – sorry for delay in replying. Yes I would be very happy for you to translate my blog and let people in China learn more about the motorsport industry. It would be great if China and students from your country could be more involved. Good luck !


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