I’m giving away some FREE content today, but before I do, I wanted just to pass comment on the current situation with Covid-19.

We find ourselves in a most unusual world in 2020.  The fact that Formula 1 and other international sporting events have been postponed or cancelled seems almost irrelevant in the face of the suffering and loss seen in every major country in the world. 

It is truly shocking, especially given that 2 months ago, we were simply looking forward to another year of sporting and social gatherings and we were going about our lives in a normal way that seems very distant now already.  I hope that life for most of us will return to normal very soon but for those who have and will experience loss I am so very sorry. 

I am not a medical person but thankfully Formula 1 teams have been able to contribute to the fight against Covid-19 in some small way by supporting the production of much needed ventilators.  Beyond that, many in the F1 world are being asked to either work at home or take leave from their jobs as the industry follows many like it by effectively shutting down to allow social distancing in an effort to limit the spread of the virus.  If you are not a key worker at this time and you are frustrated by not being able to do more to help, please just remind yourself that doing nothing is literally the best thing you CAN do, giving the medical professionals the best chance they have to help those who fall ill and to limit the spread of the disease as much as possible.

Our digital age has been a tremendous help during lockdown, allowing people to stay in touch and to entertain and relieve some of the frustration that being asked to stay indoors inevitably generates.  I’ve decided therefore to give away the first three chapters of my popular F1 careers guidebook completely free for you to read whilst in lockdown.

F1 may change in the coming months and years as a results of the virus but I am sure it will survive and adapt to the changes and still offer a valuable and rewarding career.  I hope that this book can not only pass some of your time in lockdown but also help you get ready for a career in a rejuvenated sport once this global crisis has passed.  

Download my careers guidebook here :


I hope you enjoy it.

Stay safe everyone.  


  1. Dear Richard Ladbrooke,

    Firstly I’d like to thank you for offering this book for free. I’m sure it will help immensely.

    I am 15 years old and interested in pursuing a career in engineering in F1. As I am in year 11 going into year 12 (in the UK) I was interested in doing some work experience in the summer. However, the majority of work experience has been cancelled this year for obvious reasons so I plan on doing my work experience next year. Is there any way I can organise work experience in an F1 team, to see what working in one may be like and if so, Who can I contact to organise this?

    Thank you for your guidance throughout this blog.

    Atish Sisodia

    Atish Sisodia
    1. Hi Atish

      Work experience is definately a good option for you. However it is not easy. As you can imagine teams get a lot of requests for work experience (literally thousands) and they cannot help everyone. Typically teams restrict work experience to students from local schools who show an aptitude and interest in engineering and racing. Without that it is difficult to get.

      As you will see in my book however I would suggest you look for work experience elsewhere in the motorsport industry. The experience itself will be very similar and may even be better. You will have very little competition for the places and could even start a relationship with that company that could get you a paid placement in the future. There are loads of teams and companies out there to try, several are listed in my book or in this track map download from my site.


      Best of luck !

  2. Yes, this are times to think about what is important and how we support each other.

    Luis Martinez
  3. Thank you !!!

    Brandon Davis

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