Disclaimer and some other important points about jobinf1.com

This site is not about the technical aspects of Formula 1. There are now a great many other sites out there such as Craig Scarborough’s blog which give excellent and informative discussion on the latest technical secrets of F1. You can find many of the sites I recommend in my Resources page. I am privileged to have access to many of my team’s technical secrets but I will not share any of that on this site or to individuals. The advice that I may give is completely separate to the technical aspects of my job and the existence of this site depends on the trust that my team places in me not to share valuable information.

This site is not endorsed or linked to my team in anyway, and as a result I do not intend to share with you which team it is that I work for. It would be unfair on them to suggest that I can be a point of contact for them or influence their recruitment policy via this site. Any advice here is completely my own and nothing to do with that team. I assume that you can understand why this is so.

I hope that by reading my posts it will be clear that I have considerable experience in Formula 1 and that my ability to give valuable advice to people is not affected by the fact I cannot reveal my own identity or that of my team. The insight I give about working in Formula 1 is entirely generic and not a description of any one team or a particular individual’s role, except that which is already available in the public domain.

Thank you for understanding and I hope you find my site helpful and inspiring ! There is really no reason why anyone with a passion for motor racing cannot make a career in Formula 1. The best place to start maybe my 5 top tips for getting a job in Formula 1.

Best of luck !

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