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How do I get a job in a Formula 1 team?

Do I need a degree to Work in F1?

What kind of jobs are available in Formula 1?

Can women get a job in F1?

What degree do I need to get into F1?

How do I know that you actually Work in F1?

How do I become an F1 driver?

How do I get into Marketing and PR in F1?


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  7. How do I get a job as a chef/cook?

    1. I have no idea. I am a terrible cook!


  8. As an aspiring race engineer currently at GCSE level I was wandering, as a man already in the trade, the best route into becoming an engineer,I have currently applied to study Maths, Physics, and IT at A-level but i have also applied to do a Level 3 BTEC extended diploma in Motorsport engineering. Which would be more desirable to a future employer, A-Levels or a vocational Diploma? If i choose A-levels where would you advise i then go? I would appreciate any help at all. Thanks

    1. Hi

      If you want to be a race engineer then the best route is A-levels & then a degree in engineering. The diploma route is more suited to mechanic & technician level

  9. how can join f1 academy in india?

    1. Hi

      I don’t think there is an F1 academy in India. What is it that you want to do?

  10. Hi,I am Tsukasa came from Japan. I want to be a engineer of Formula 1 team in the future.
    I am studying English and prepare to entre universities in the UK. i would like to know some information about jobs in F1. If you know something about that, Could you tell me,please.

    First of all, I am 19. in Japan, most companies really care about the age of employees. and also, they usually try to employ younger people as possible they can. How about F1?
    Do they care about age? I worry about my age when I guraduate from university.

    Second, in the future,Which jobs (e.g. Aero dynamics Enginner, Electronic, Material) are neccesary for F1? I just want to know your guess. I guess electronic engineer will may be important jobs in F1. What do you think?

    Finally, Is there any disadvantage to work in F1 between Europian and Asia (especially,Japanese ?

    sorry,my Engilish is still rubbish…
    I think I have learned a lot from this blog.
    I appreciate you.

    1. Hi

      Firstly age doesn’t matter. Best candidates will get the job.

      For engineers, mechanical engineering is most common, followed by aeronautical then electronics.

      Thirdly many Japanese work in F1. Honda engine company in based in Jspan so that is obvious choice but Japanese Motorsport industry is quite strong so you can gain experience before you come here. Common option is to study here. Ayo Komatsu studied at Loughborough in the UK I believe and started his career in F3 with Takuma Sato.

  11. Hello workinmotorsport

    I would just like to say before I start you have an amazing blog with so much interesting and informative articles in it and I would like to thank you for it! I have a question that I don’t think has been answered yet. I would love to work in the actual TV coverage of F1. I am currently studying in TV operations in Dublin and I have been a fan of F1 all my life. One of the job roles I would love to do is become a F1 TV cameraman, but I can do other roles within the broadcast side as well. I have been trying to find which company or a website that I could find a job in but I cannot find it. I have looked at FOM and the F1 group but to no avail. I do know that Sky F1 do their own coverage but I think that the coverage transfers to the Formula one management coverage when the race is starting. I’m just a bit stuck on what to do next or which way I need to be guided to.

    Thank you very much

    Conor Atkinson
    1. Hi Conor

      I am not very sure about this. I know that FOM run all of the TV coverage and they are based in the UK but I dont know anyone who works there or how much local kit and personnel they use at the host venue.

      Let me look into it and get back to you.

  12. Hi I am currently studying civil and structural engineering and have a huge interest in track design and development. My question is which companies would you reccomend applying to for such a career? Thanks for any help you may be able to give.

    1. Hi Daniel

      Hermann Tilke seems to have the exclusive contract for F1 circuit design at the moment. I am not sure why but he must be very good friends with Bernie I think.

      1. Thankyou very much, I will look into this a bit more

  13. Hi, I am siddharth from India…I have done my Btech in mechanical engineering this year…I am passionate about cars..plz suggest me how can i get a job of engineer in any F1 Team….What to do…From where to do…??

    1. Hi Siddarth

      You need to consider stepping stones to F1, its often difficult to get there straight away.

  14. Hi.

    I would like to be a sportreporter in Formula 1, but I don’t know what I need, where should I study and what should I do. You worked in Formula 1, so I hope you can give me some advice. This means really much for me! 🙂

    mano. ო (@gmano_95)
    1. Hi Mano

      I think you need to study media, English but most importantly get involved in racing. Many people start blogs (such as this one) and try to interview motorsport people and build an audience that way. You can try to think of an original way of covering F1 such as reporting on a junior driver, or perhaps at grass roots level in karting or something similar. Take a look at Twitter to see what people are talking about or search on the web for various blogs.

      These are examples that I see : (is now a reporter for Autosport magazine)

      and there are lots more.

      Best of luck

  15. but i saw online that some institues like jk f1 institute provides physical n mental training n trains on how to drive f1 cars,then some companies come to hier the top most driver of the institute.

    Rohitashva singh
    1. Sorry…., not j.k. F1 training institutes it’s narain karthikeyan-NK. Amaron racing acadamy

      Rohitashva singh
  16. hey.. Gud mng sir,i am of 16 yrs n i want to be an f1 driver since my childhood.could u suggest me about how to get into the f1 academy n if now it’s the perfect time.could u please also tell me about the expenditure that would cost to get admission.

    Rohitashva singh
    1. Hi

      Becoming an F1 driver is very difficult. Lots of people want to do this job but there are only 22 cars available and so competition is intense. Read this to start with:

      There is no academy for F1 drivers. You cannot get a qualification that allows you to do the job. It is like being an international cricketer, you need to earn this right by being the best in the world.

      It is VERY expensive. It can cost $10million US or more so you need commercial sponsors or a very rich family.

  17. Hi, I’m really looking into working in formula one at an engineering level. I’m 16 and looking to go to a top university to study Aeronuatics and this blog has really helped me understand what is needed. The competition for F1 jobs is obviously very high and experience is needed. At what level do you reccommed I apply for in order to get the experience? Should I try straight for a lower F1 team or start somewhere lower down like F3 or other motor sports? Thanks

    Dan Habbershaw
    1. Hi Dan

      Competition at any F1 team is very high so dont rely on getting straight in at F1 level (worth a try but its not lost if you dont).

      I would not necessarily look down the racing ladder as you would if you were a driver. I would look at the wider motorsport industry, general car constructors like Lola, Dallara, Pilbeam, RML, Prodrive etc or some of the many component suppliers in order to get a foot in motorsport and then work towards F1.

  18. He I m ritesh
    I m doing mechinical engg i want to be a f1 driver and my age is 19,
    Please help me…

    Ritesh Mishra
    1. Hi Ritesh

      Please see my section on being an F1 driver in my frequently asked questions

  19. Hi,

    Top blog, I’m looking to get involved within F1 as a facilities manager in the UK. What do you think the best route would be to take?


    1. Hi Scott

      Thanks for the comment.

      Depends on your background really. Most people who work in facilities have either worked in several other roles in that company and gradually take it over or have had experience in managing facilities in a similar sized technical environment before. It wouldn’t be 100% necessary to have worked in F1 before if you wanted to get a job there but the main problem I can see is that there are probably only one or two facilities managers per team so the job roles are much more rarely available compared to engineers or mechanics for example.

      I think the best thing would be just to keep your eyes peeled on or for openings. A similar job in wider motorsport might come along more quickly and improve your CV somewhat when an F1 vacancy crops up.

      Good luck

  20. Hi, Thanks for the great tips, I love your site. I am 23 and a recent graduate of automotive design. I had the spectacular opportunity for a 3 month internship, I ended staying for 6 months before I had to return to my studies, I didn’t want to leave.

    However, I left with very valuable things, my relationship with the exterior design director of McLaren who has become a very good friend of mine and we regularly email with general conversation which is great, I never thought it was possible to have this special relationship as he is a very gifted and a very famous character of the automotive design field.

    The other thing I left with was, the utmost compelling attraction with Formula one, as the engineers worked behind the glass walls of the main hall of the technology centre, where I walked past several times every day, it was so fascinating. Stood outside the glass walls and onto the main hall were the priceless historic pieces of automotive pornography, they lay silent lined up. The ones which caught my eye were the F1 road car, the drool worthy MP4/4, through to the more modern line ups, upto MP4-26 from when I was there, MP4-27 was competing, something very striking I remember the MP4-23 with masses of crazy aerodynamics, there it started my fantasy of working in Formula one, I have always been more on the technological side, I love technology and what I want to do was implement technological functionality with purposeful design, I didn’t think it was possible until I saw the F1 cars in real life, the body work is just incredible everything single piece had a function, the end product can only be described as masterpieces of form conforming to regulations/rules.

    Since leaving and graduating I am still hooked and I am wanting to pursue the new career path, I lust to again experience and work within the demandingly challenging environment with great individuals. however at 23 and financially compromised I am finding it hard to find a way through, I am obsessed with aerodynamics and form, I am looking into aeronautical and engineering courses at the moment.

    I just wanted to say thank you for this website and wanted to share my experience with my love for Formula One.

    Whomever you may be or work for, I wish you and your team the best luck in 2014, and also 2015!

  21. Hi I am Amith
    I am from India and I am pursuing my mechanical engineering in Germany. I wanted to roughly know the next of steps that I have to take in order to become an f1 engineer and the work life.

    Thank you

  22. Hi, do you know if it is possible for someone with a degree in physics rather than engineering to get involved in F1, either in aerodynamics or in another field. I’ve started a physics course and would like to know if I have any sort of chance.

    1. Hi Tom

      Its possible but I would consider a post grad course in engineering or motorsport. Maybe something at Cranfield would be suitable ?

  23. Hi I am Anuj Thakur from India i am 16 years old and i want to become a Aeronautical Engineering in F1 what should i do first ?which degree i should take in India . After taking a degree what should i do to get Job in f1 teams

    Anuj Thakur
    1. Hi Anuj,

      Thanks for the comment.

      That’s a question which is tough to answer but that is what my blog is here for. I try to answer it with everything I write so its hard to answer it fully in just a few sentences here. Why don’t you follow my blog and sign up for updates then ask something more specific if that doesn’t answer you queries.

  24. Hi workinmotorsport

    First of all a big salute to you for starting this blog of yours. You are right, there is very little information about this out there and if your blog was around just a couple of years earlier I think the career choices I made back then would have been quite different.

    My question to you is with regards to a motorsports career in general in the UK for non EU citizens. Would you say that a person from a non-EU country’s chances of landing a motorsport role in UK would be severely disadvantaged because there is that extra element where he/she needs to go through the trouble of obtaining rights to work in the UK or somehow be sponsored by the prospective UK employer. I would think that given the economic situation in EU at the moment, the non EU person will be facing stiffer competition from the locals for each motorsport job out there. And if given a choice of 2 candidates with (theoretically) identical qualifications and experiences but 1 is from EU and the other from Australia for example, employers will be more inclined to give the position to the former.

    This is probably too much to ask from you but perhaps you could also provide some general statistics from the HR department of your team to shed some light on this. For example maybe you could tell us the % of the team personnel that are from non-EU countries? Or maybe you could share some of the stories of non-EU engineers working in your team on what paths they took to land themselves in the industry in UK.

    Ok I think I am starting to sound a little demanding so I should stop. I do not mean to impose =). A big thanks in advance for this blog and answering my question and I wish you and your team best of luck in Suzuka!


  25. Is there any karting places in northamptonshire

    1. Yes

      Search in google for Karting Noryhamptonshire

      Whilton Mill is a good start

  26. Good day sir, i would like to ask if there is any chance for me to do internship in F1 industry. Im currently taking electrical and electronics engineering in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia and will be going for internship as part of my academic structure on January 2014. Looking back to hear from you. tqvm.

    akmal asyraf
    1. Hi

      It’s possible but you’d need to check with each individual team. Normally it is difficult as there is some paperwork involved in hiring from overseas and they can be less willing to do this for just a year placement unless your skills and experience are exceptional

      Hope that helps

  27. Hi, I’ve been a HGV driver for nearly 10 yrs and would love to drive for one of the teams I have European driving experience but don’t know where to start to get my foot in the door??

    Regards Roly Hollings

    Roly Hollings
    1. Hi Roly

      Probably a non F1 Motorsport truckie would be best place to start. This job does not require previous Motorsport experience (but it is in Germany…)

  28. thanks for the information:) But i was thinking if i could become an engineer with a degree in comuter science… can I do that and what should i do to become an engineer?

  29. I have a degree in computer science but i dont know how do get in f1 industry and what job can I do inside the team… please help me 🙂 thank you

  30. Hey!
    I am a 20 year old Kenyan youth whose life ambition has been to join F1 as a racing driver. I ‘ve loved F1 ever since I was a young child & am even currently taking automotive engineering classes in college. But because Kenya isn’t as developed as it really needs to be, there are no avenues for people with dreams such as mine to actually succeed in such a venture. There’s only one Go-Kart ring around, & that’s even harder to get into! I’ve taught myself many basic principles of how a F1 car works, & quiet recently , started to learn basic driving styles adopted for F1 racing. Am also a ‘ridiculous’ sports car enthusiast! But am still attending school.

    Is there any chance that a young person such as I could get into F1 as a racer, or an engineer? And if there is, what else should I do to ensure that I can secure an opportunity in either of the fields of interest?

    Thank you for your time.


    Antony Ochieng'
    1. Hi Tony

      There is every chance yes but obviously you will be up against very difficult competition.

      I hope at some point to put some basic information about starting out to be a driver but the original intention for this site was to advise about engineering.

      Keep looking back and hopefully I’ll add something in the future

      Best of luck

  31. Is it possible for me an Indian to
    work in F1 industry ? and what qualification are needed..and i am engg. in mechanical..pls rpl me

    1. Hi Rajat

      Its very possible yet

      It depends what job you want to do in F1 but if you want to be a designer for example then Mechanical Engineering is the right choice.

  32. Hello, my name is Shelby. I am almost 17, just in case you want to know.
    My goal is to work on the engines of formula 1 cars (basically a mechanic) or work as a part of the pit crew.
    Is there a school that I should go to in order to work on the cars or something I should major in at university?
    As for the pit crew, I would just like to know where to start. What’s the “in”?
    Thank you

    Shelby Mrak
    1. Hi Shelby

      To be on the pit crew of an F1 team you don’t need to go to University. What you need is a range of practical skills from assembly, machining, welding and above all else experience that shows you have an aptitude for practical work in a pressure environment. That might include aerospace, the military but ideally in motorsport in some capacity. That doesnt need to be in F1 (not at all) but competition is very high and if a team is comparing you to someone who has volunteering on a dirt car for a few seasons or drag team then its pretty clear they would opt for that other guy. Harsh maybe but do you see where I am coming from.

      The “in” is exactly that. I need good capable guys on my team and you need to convince me that you are it through you relevant experience. If you dont have that now then you need to go out and get some. The other way in of course would be to come and study in the UK but that is more likely to be a Batchelors or Masters degree in engineering which would lead you into being a designer or aerodynamicist.

      The pit crew in F1 are made up of the mechanics who assemble the cars. There is no qualification need as most of the guys who are on the race team will get to try out for it and the best guys get to do the races. Its that simple.

      Hope that helps.

  33. Hi… I have a degree in computer science…. Can i work in formula 1 and what job can i do inside the team? thnks

    1. A and a I forgot to say that you have some very good information in your site… Keep going

      1. Thanks George!!!! Much appreciated.

    2. Hi George,

      Yes there are computer science jobs out there.

      This is pretty typical :

      Software Engineers

      Wirth Research is a group of innovative engineering companies specialising in research, development, design and manufacture for the motor racing industry and other sectors including commercial vehicles and architecture.

      Due to business expansion we are looking for talented individuals to join us in the following role:

      We are looking to fill two opportunities in our Software Engineering Group. Applications are welcome from software developers (and engineers with a good programming background). Applicants should be educated to graduate level or equivalent, and qualifications should include subjects in a computer science, scientific, mathematical or engineering subject.

      The ability to prove and demonstrate the development of new ideas and tools from idea through to production is an essential requirement for this role. Applicants must be proficient in C++ (ie. use on a daily basis) and have exposure to a variety of programming concepts. Experience in numerical simulation of mathematical models would be advantageous. Must be comfortable working on Windows. Experience with Linux would be a bonus.

      How to apply for the above role:

      For more information about the above roles and how to apply please visit our website

  34. Hey first of all I’d like to say love what your doing and providing all this information. So i have a question about the lifestyle of an engineer and other team members, i assume theres a lot to it. So if you could make a post about that it’d be much appreciated.

    Alfonso Parra
    1. Hi Alfonso

      Good idea, I’ll make a post on that topic soon

      Thanks for the positive comment, best of luck

  35. Hey,
    Brilliant blog I must say. It answered the initial doubts that I had in my mind. My question to you is very simple and is backed by scores in my academic field.
    I am B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from India and my aggregate score of the four years is 65% (The university scoring pattern is tough and the highest marks achiever got 72% most probably). I had science and math in my mid school level and high school level and I had performed well in my mid school level and not so well in my high school level. I picked that up in my college years where I was a pretty good student.
    Now, after my B.Tech, I am pursuing Automotive Engineering from Lawrence Tech in Michigan, USA and I would get a MS degree after two years. I have the following courses
    Automotive Electrical Systems
    Automotive Control Systems 1
    Automotive Mechanical Systems
    Body and Chassis Systems
    Engineering Analysis
    Powertrain Systems 1
    Powertrain Systems 2
    Powertrain Systems 2
    and a technical elective or a thesis option.
    Considering the fact that I perform well in these two years, do you think I have a shot at becoming an F1 engineer in any of the teams. Also, I have no work experience yet.

    Thanks so much.


    Soham Bakshi
    1. Hi Soham

      Thanks for the comments

      Sounds like you are doing exactly the right things as far as your academics are concerned.

      I hate to say this but being good at school isn’t enough to get into F1. You need to do more, then more after that too. I know that’s tough but we get lots of applications from people with good or excellent grades. How do we tell them apart?

      We go for the ones who have been involved in racing. That doesn’t necessarily mean work experience but the ones that have helped build / restore a race car or volunteered as a marshal at their local tracks. The US is a great place for that as there are loads of amateur racers.

      As far as a first job is concerned, the US race scene is probably the best place to start. NASCAR, Indy, NHRA, ALMS are all good race series and relevant to F1.

      Good luck !!

  36. Hi,

    What are the qualifications necessary for stewarding? Do I have to do Law? I can’t find any sources on that aspect of Motorsport anywhere!

    1. Hi

      I don’t think you need formal qualifications, certainly not anything as difficult as law. Most stewards are either ex-competitors or experienced meeting organisers. It’s not normally something you can get straight into without many years of varied Motorsport experience.

      Hope that helps and thanks for the comment !

  37. Hey , I’m from India and there are no proper and encouraging racing leagues here..I’m extremely passionate about F1 i want to end up in F1 as a race engineer or a high post engineer ..i will be doing my bachelor’s in engineering in India but masters abroad would want to know which college would serve me right also which branch should i take ? i will be taking Mechanical/Automobile eng in India

    Kunal Sharma
  38. Hello,

    Great blog, it’s the first resource I’ve found specifically tackling the issues of entering the F1 world

    I am from the US and do not have an engineering background. I have a corporate finance background (in OEM automotive if that helps) instead. However, I hardly/never see administrative/corporate job postings on or other team career websites. Also, some teams like McLaren seems to have a strict UK-eligible only candidate policy.

    My question is given these factors, how would I go about getting a job in F1? I don’t mind moving to Europe/UK if it meant I could work full time. Ideally I’d want to travel with the team, but it seems that’s limited to Operations and Engineers and maybe a few marketing/PR folks. Do teams often hire folks that require Visa considerations?


    1. Hi Chris,

      Teams do hire US citizens for various jobs. There are lots of Americans in F1.

      The difficulty you would have is justifying the team saying that you have a skill or experience that they cannot source locally here in the EU. Its not that difficult for them to do but you would need to be he candidate they wanted for the role, over and above any local applications they receive. It happens quite often so its not a problem really. The US has a similar reciprocal policy I beleive but there are lots of non-US people working there am I right ?

      There are strict limitations on how many people can be taken to races now. This is because bigger teams like Ferrari & Red Bull started to take almost 100 people to races to do all sorts of jobs and the small teams could not keep up. Now, if you dont have a specific and necessary role to play then there is no reason for you to go to races. This is normally then limited to engineers, mechanics and marketing people.

      Hope that helps

  39. Hello,

    I recently attended the MotoGP at the Mazda Raceway in Laguna Seca and have been absolutly inspired (even more so than I already have been) to pursue my dream job in motorsports. Touring cars and Formula 1 more so than motorcycles. I am currently majoring in physics at my U in Colorado, and as far as i know that is a good place to start. I guess what i want to ask is, can you point me in the direction for volunteer work or some sort of internship type of work to get started? im not neccissarily looking to be and “engine mechanic” per say, but im really interested in the actually mechanical design and aerodynamics of the car(if that makes sense).

    Beefy post I know, but im dure you can work you magic!
    thanks a lot,


    1. Hi Ian,

      I guess the IndyCar, NHRA, NASCAR or Sprint Car scene is where you should look for volunteer work. The US is great for amateur or small time motorsport, there is more there than there is in Europe. You could look around for local circuits, championships or compeitors around you and ask if anyone needs any help. Most amateurs will be glad to hear from you I should think.

      Good luck

  40. Is there a demand for business positions in areas like Accounting or Finance? All the F1 jobs I see on sites like RaceStaff or LinkedIn are engineer jobs (which is obvious). But I am interested in the administrative side of a team and working in the factory.

    Also, I am a US citizen, how difficult is it to get an F1 job since all the factories are basically in Europe?

  41. Hi there,

    I am the editor of Success at School – a new careers website for school students aged 13-18.

    We think your blog is great and just the kind of thing that would appeal to our audience, so were wondering if you might have the time to complete one of our 60 second interviews for the site?

    The aim of the 60 second interviews is to give school students a quick and informal overview of an array of different jobs, the fun parts, the challenges and any tips people have for getting started out.

    There would be the opportunity to link back to your blog here or another website in the interview and, if you would prefer not to list your name or the company you work for that would be fine too.

    If you are interested please drop me an email me on the address listed with this comment or send me a DM on twitter @successatschool

    Thanks and hope to hear from you,


  42. Is there a limit of age to get a job in F1?
    How old are you?
    If I am above 30’s should I stop dreaming about working at F1?

    Mario Bolaños
    1. Hi

      No age limit no ! I am in my late 40’s now but have worked in racing for many years already. You can start whenver you like, as long as you have relevant experience or can build towards it

  43. Hi,
    I am an Indian in the final year of my under graduation(Mechanical Engg)I have found this blog very useful and I haven’t come across like this.Thankyou.They say that to get noticed I have to do my Engg degree in the UK,Will I get opportunities doing my Post-grad in India itself

  44. I’m an American and I understand that F1 is a primarily European thing. Is there anything special I would have to do to make myself eligible for something like this?

  45. Hi

    I love you blog im 22 and Ive been mad into motorsport since a very young age i started karting with my dad when i was 11 in the Comer Cadet Series but unfortunately had to give it up as i moved up through the classes because it became to expensive.

    In June 2012 i completed an apprenticeship in Aeronautical Engineering with the Royal Air Force Museum and im currently contracting for Airbus repairing A380 aircraft, what id love however would be to get a job working for a motorsport race team with my hope being to get into F1.

    Im doing an internationally recognised Advanced Aircraft Composite Repair course in august and i understand that coming from an aerospace background and having composites experience are both quite good to have to your name when trying to get into motorsport engineering.

    My question to you is do i need to go to university and study motorsport engineering for me to be able to make the swap to working for a motorsport team or do you think that my current qualifications added with 4 years aerospace maintenance and repair experience would be enough for me to make the career change.

    Thanks for any advice


  46. Hi,
    I’m in the last year of Mechanical Engineer, and I’ll try to make the Advanced Mechanical Engineer Msc (PostGraduate) in Brunel University, London. I would like to know if this course is recognized in F1. If not, where is the best university to make a course like that?

  47. Hi I’m also in the REME and although I didn’t get lucky in tranche 3 I’m still getting out and lucking for a new career. Obviously being class 1 trained has its advantages but probably means nothing in the racing world, so is there specific courses or what ? that I need to help me break into the F1 world.

    Cheers for reading this.


    Paul mcfarlane
  48. I’m a 15 year old and I want to be in F1 or lower Formulas when I leave school. But how I get on the ladder at this age to be on my way to F1. Any ideas would be great!

  49. Do you need a university degree to work in areas such as PR, media etc?

    1. Hi

      No I don’t think you NEED a degree for PR & media but consider that many people who apply for these roles DO have a degree.

      If you don’t have a degree you’ll need good relevant experience to demonstrate your skills.

  50. What do i need to do to become involved in f1

    Colin hynes
    1. What degree do i need to have to be a f1driver

      Colin hynes
      1. You don’t need a degree to be an F1 driver. You just need to be exceptionally gifted and well backed financially

    2. This site aims to answer that question, there are over 35 posts on the subject so have a read and then get back to me

  51. i would like to be part of Pirelli tyre team

  52. Hello,

    I have spent the last 18 months studying a sports science degree in America. Unfortunately, the education I was receiving was not to the standard I wanted. I have returned to the UK and I am starting Sports Science (Human Performance) degree in September at a very good university. I returned to the UK because I want to work in professional sport, and achieving a 1st class degree will help me along the way.

    I love formula one, I watch most practice sessions, every qualifying session and race. I would relish the opportunity to work in formula one, but in what capacity I am not sure. This is where I hope you could help me out. What sort of jobs are available in formula one for people with sports science degrees?

    Thank you very much


    Martin Vance
    1. Hi Martin

      Thanks for the comments

      The only real aspects of human sports performance are obviously the drivers. The pit crew have some basic fitness training but it isnt at a very high level. Most drivers have personal coaches who arent employed by the teams so I would recommend looking at working with younger drivers and building your experience of what demands they need to meet to compete. You could either then ‘graduate’ to higher levels of racing or F1 with those drivers if they make it or then look to be employed by an established driver. F1 only has 22 drivers so its a narrow market but in terms of wider motorsport there should be plenty of demand for physical trainers etc.

      I know that some race schools and such like offer specific gymnasiums and programmes for multiple young drivers and build a business that way. This might be the way to go at first.

      Good luck

  53. Hi

    I have read most of the stuff and appreciate all your information on getting an job in an formula 1 team but what I’m stuck on is who do you contact in regards in applying for a job
    I live in Australia I am 25 years of age and have been an mechanic for 10 years and breath Motorsport and love working under pressure and achieving targets but is this enough for an job in formula 1
    Any more advice on getting over this speed hump would be much apriciated

    Cheers Simon

    Simon Vella
    1. Hi Simon

      Thanks for the question.

      Tough one. If you see a job advertised, then you can obviously apply directly, normally via the website. Keep checking them or look on some of the other sites I’ve linked to via my resource page.

      Do you know anyone else who has moved to Europe ? Exploit whatever contacts you have. If you could work in some other form of racing here then it’d help.

      It’s not easy but apply for anything you like the look of just to get a foot in the door. Once you are a ‘motorsport’ person then you’ll be looked on a lot more favourably.

      Best of luck.

  54. Is it possible for me an Indonesian to work in F1 industry ?

    1. Hi. Yes it’s possible of course, but you need to have good qualifications and/or experience like anyone else. Malaysian companies are big supporters of F1. Can you get work at the Malaysian GP to start?

  55. Do you know if there are any jobs in F1 that you can do if you have a mathematics degree, or would it be best to do a masters in aerodynamics or something similar? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

    1. Hi Cailin

      Possibilities for maths students as a lot of analytical study in F1 on data and modelling etc. Most applicable areas would be Vehicle Dynamics, Structural Analysis or CFD. Maybe some software or generally mathematical modelling opportunities too but any kind of post grad engineering study to help you apply your mathematics would be helpful. Apart from anything else it would show further intent that you are committed to a career in Motorsport.

      We need some good academic people in F1 but it’s just a case of finding the right application for someone with your background.


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