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Formula 1 presents a unique opportunity where anybody can work alongside their sporting heroes

A career in F1 offers the enviable chance to make a difference in one of the world's most exhilarating global sports

You can win, lose, celebrate or commiserate as a key part of some of the most famous and successful teams in the sport including :

  • Ferrari
  • McLaren
  • Williams
  • Mercedes
  • Red Bull
  • Renault
  • Honda¬†

Formula 1 teams are always looking for bright, motivated and challenging newcomers to drive their team forwards but struggle to find people with the right skills and experience

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 What's inside ?

  • What is it like to work in Formula 1
  • Monaco, Monza, Singapore & Silverstone -travelling the race circuits of the world
  • What sort of person works in F1 and what do they do
  • What job can I do in F1?
  • What F1 wants from you - essential skills
  • What to study, where and when
  • University choices
  • The things that school cannot teach you
  • The real secrets to a career in Formula 1
  • How to climb the career racing ladder

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About the Author

Richard Ladbrooke is a degree qualified engineer who has worked in Formula 1 and other forms of motorsport both in the UK and America for nearly two decades. He has seen top level motorsport from both the winner's podium and from the back of the grid.

Richard has worked at a variety of Formula 1 teams, in a number of different roles and has observed how others achieve their success and what qualities an individual needs in order be a winner.

He is involved in the recruitment process within Formula 1 and takes an active interest in education and work experience for aspiring youngsters. As well as being a motor racing enthusiast he enjoys writing in his spare time and is keen to share his thoughts and ideas so that others can also have the chance the experience the privileges that he has enjoyed through his career.

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