Dave Mirra Net Worth at Death: Salary, Income, Earnings

Dave Mirra, an American BMX rider, rally car driver, and businessman, had a net worth of $15 million at the time of his death in 2016. Born on April 4, 1974, Mirra was widely recognized for his accomplishments in BMX Freestyle, particularly at the X Games, where he held the record for the most medals in the sport until it was later tied by Scotty Cranmer. From the inception of the X Games in 1995 until 2009, Mirra earned at least one BMX medal at the event every year except for one.

In addition to his BMX career, Mirra also ventured into rallycross racing and competed for several years with the Subaru Rally Team USA. During his tenure as a rallycross driver, he showcased his skills and passion for motorsports. Mirra was a prominent figure in the BMX community, having ridden for and been fully sponsored by Haro Bikes for many years before establishing his own bike company.

Beyond his athletic endeavors, Mirra was part of the winning team in the four-person male (under 50) category at the 2014 Race Across America, a renowned endurance race. Unfortunately, Mirra’s life came to a tragic end on February 4, 2016, when he died by suicide. His contributions to the sport and his impact on the BMX community were recognized when he was posthumously inducted into the BMX Hall of Fame on June 11, 2016.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name:Dave Mirra
Net Worth:$15 Million
Monthly Salary:$100 Thousand
Annual Income:$3 Million
Source of Wealth:Race Car Driver

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Early Life

Dave Mirra was born on April 4, 1974, in Chittenango, New York. After completing his high school education, he went on to attend California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona).

During the 1990s, Mirra’s brother, Tim, relocated to Greenville, North Carolina, to pursue his studies at East Carolina University. Inspired by his brother’s move, Dave Mirra followed suit and also made the move to Greenville. It was in Greenville that he formed a close friendship with fellow professional BMX rider Ryan Nyquist, who was living with Tim at the time. Together, Mirra and Nyquist spent their time constructing and riding ramps, fostering a vibrant BMX community in Greenville.

Their passion for the sport and their dedication to pushing the boundaries of BMX led to Greenville becoming a hub for professional BMX riders, earning it the nickname “Protown” within the BMX community. The city became a hotspot for BMX talent, attracting over twenty professional riders who called it home.

This period in Dave Mirra’s life in Greenville laid the foundation for his future success and established him as an influential figure in the world of BMX.


Mirra’s career began to take shape when he joined the Haro Bikes BMX team at the age of 13 while living in Chittenango. He quickly gained recognition and was featured in videos by Plywood Hoods in 1988. A year later, Mirra secured a sponsorship from Vision Street Wear, further solidifying his presence in the BMX community.

Throughout the early 1990s, Mirra’s talent continued to flourish. He was sponsored by GT Bicycles until 1991 and then joined Hoffman Bikes in 1992 before re-signing with Haro in 1994. It was during this period that Mirra turned professional, embarking on a career that would leave an indelible mark on the sport.

Mirra’s true breakthrough came in 1995 when he began his dominance at the X Games, the premier event for extreme sports. From 1995 to 2009, with the exception of 2006 when he was injured, Mirra consistently won medals at the X Games, solidifying his status as one of the greatest BMX riders of all time. His extraordinary achievements included winning a staggering 14 gold medals, tying him with Bob Burnquist and Jamie Bestwick for the most gold medals in the Summer X Games.

Mirra’s success extended beyond the world of BMX. In a display of his versatility and passion for other sports, he ventured into rallying and rallycross, competing as a member of Subaru Rally Team USA from 2008 to 2013. During the 2013 Global RallyCross Championship, he achieved his career-best fourth-place finish. Mirra also developed an interest in Ironman competitions, participating in his first triathlon in March 2013 and even qualifying for the 2014 Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

Aside from his athletic achievements, Mirra ventured into various other ventures. He hosted two seasons of MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge, expanding his presence in mainstream media. Mirra’s popularity and influence were further evident as he appeared in video games such as the Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX series and the 2009 release Colin McRae: Dirt 2. He also released a photo-biography titled “Mirra Images” and was recognized as one of People magazine’s “50 Hottest Bachelors.”

Mirra’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own bike company called MirraCo in 2007, further contributing to the BMX community by providing quality equipment to riders. Throughout his career, Mirra remained an icon in the extreme sports world, inspiring countless individuals with his incredible talent, relentless drive, and remarkable achievements.

Personal Life & Death

Dave Mirra’s personal life was marked by his loving relationship with his wife, Lauren, and their two daughters. However, he faced health challenges during his life. In 2010, Mirra contracted bacterial meningitis, but he managed to recover and resumed his rally racing career.

Tragically, on February 4, 2016, at the age of 41, Mirra’s life came to a sudden and devastating end. He died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in Greenville, North Carolina. Authorities responded to a reported suicide and discovered his body inside his black Ford F-150 Raptor. Mirra had been visiting friends in the area at the time of his death. The news of his passing shocked the sports community, and Allen M. Thomas, the mayor of Greenville, expressed his grief, describing Mirra as “a great friend and wonderful human being.”

Following Mirra’s death, a posthumous diagnosis revealed that he had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a neurodegenerative disease associated with repetitive brain trauma. Mirra had suffered numerous concussions throughout his career, and in addition to those, he experienced a skull fracture at the age of 19 when he was hit by a car. He had also competed in boxing as an amateur. Mirra became the first action sports star to be diagnosed with CTE, shedding light on the potential long-term effects of repeated head injuries in extreme sports.

In the wake of Mirra’s passing, his wife, Lauren, chose to honor his memory by supporting various charitable causes. These included CTE research, the Road 2 Recovery Foundation, and More Than Sport. By championing these initiatives, she aimed to raise awareness and make a positive impact in areas that held personal significance to Dave Mirra.

Recognizing his immense contributions to the world of BMX and action sports, city officials in Greenville, North Carolina, have been working on plans to create an action sports park as a tribute to Mirra’s enduring legacy. The park’s first phase is set to include skate and BMX facilities, providing a space for future generations of athletes to pursue their passions while honoring the memory of Dave Mirra.

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