Eddie Jordan Net Worth 2023: Salary, Income, Earnings

Eddie Jordan, the Irish former racing driver and business guru, boasts a substantial net worth of $600 million. His fortune stems from his successful career in Formula 1 racing and his ventures as a team boss and entrepreneur. Jordan’s journey began with kart racing and progressed to founding his own team, Jordan Grand Prix, in 1991.

Despite financial challenges, his team achieved remarkable success, including historic victories and podium finishes. In addition to his racing endeavors, Jordan has made significant contributions to F1 media coverage and has been involved in various investment companies and business ventures.

With honorary accolades and a captivating personality, Eddie Jordan’s net worth reflects his immense achievements and entrepreneurial spirit.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name:Eddie Jordan
Net Worth:$600 Million
Monthly Salary:$300 Thousand
Annual Income:$25 Million
Source of Wealth:Race car driver, Entrepreneur

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Early Life and Racing Career

Born as Edmund Patrick Jordan on March 30, 1948, in Dublin, Ireland, Eddie Jordan’s fascination with speed and adrenaline began at a young age. Raised in Dartry, south Dublin, and Bray in County Wicklow, he developed a love for racing while visiting his Aunt Lilian during weekends. His childhood nickname, “Flash,” reflects his energetic and vibrant personality, and it was during his formative years that he discovered his passion for kart racing.

After winning his first season in the Irish Kart Championship in 1971, Jordan’s talent and determination led him to pursue a career in professional racing. He transitioned to Formula Ford, followed by Formula Three, where he unfortunately suffered a severe leg injury in a crash.

Despite this setback, Jordan made a remarkable comeback in Formula Atlantic and secured victory in the Irish Formula Atlantic Championship in 1978. Alongside his own racing endeavors, he also mentored and managed promising drivers, including Damon Hill and Martin Brundle.

The Birth of a Team Boss

Recognizing his flair for guiding drivers to success, Eddie Jordan founded his first team, Eddie Jordan Racing, in 1979. While financial challenges persisted, he continued to nurture young talents and foster their careers. The team’s achievements in various racing categories, including Formula 3000, earned Jordan a reputation for spotting and cultivating promising talent.

Formula One Success and Beyond

In 1991, Eddie Jordan ventured into the pinnacle of motorsport by establishing Jordan Grand Prix. Despite financial constraints, the team quickly gained respect and became known for their tenacity and ability to outperform larger competitors. Jordan’s decision to give a young Michael Schumacher his debut race in Formula One remains a significant highlight, despite losing the German driver to Benetton due to contractual disputes.

The team’s breakthrough came in 1998 when Damon Hill and Ralf Schumacher secured a historic one-two finish at the Belgian Grand Prix. Jordan Grand Prix’s highest achievement arrived when Heinz-Harald Frentzen emerged as a formidable contender for the championship, finishing third overall and achieving two race wins. Unfortunately, financial and legal battles forced Eddie Jordan to sell the team in 2005, leading to its subsequent rebranding as Force India.

Beyond the racetrack, Jordan has excelled in various ventures. Since 2009, he has been a key presenter for the BBC’s Grand Prix coverage, showcasing his insightful analysis and entertaining charisma. His involvement in investment companies and other business ventures has further contributed to his immense net worth and reputation as a savvy entrepreneur. In 2016, Jordan joined the lineup of presenters for the renowned automotive show “Top Gear.”


Eddie Jordan’s accomplishments have garnered him numerous accolades and honorary titles. Universities such as the University of Ulster and the Dublin Institute of Technology have awarded him honorary doctorates, acknowledging his contributions to motorsport.

The University Philosophical Society of Trinity College, Dublin, presented him with the prestigious Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage, recognizing his outstanding achievements in racing and charitable endeavors.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Eddie Jordan is happily married to Marie McCarthy, a former basketball player for Ireland, since 1979. Together, they have four children.

Their residences in Ireland, South Kensington, London, and Monaco are testaments to Jordan’s success and provide him with a base for his various pursuits.

Eddie Jordan Quotes

“Sebastian Vettel has got to look over his shoulder and take a look at himself in the mirror, because today he’s been blown off by a younger guy.”


“The clock never lies. The time on the timesheet is the time they’re able to do.”


“The special thing about Silverstone is that the circuit is so close to the track.”


“We are in the Ardennes forest. Anything can happen. We’ve known this for all this time.”

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