Jody Scheckter Net Worth (2023): Salary, Income, Earnings

Jody Scheckter, the former South African auto racing driver, has accumulated a net worth of $100 million. Renowned for winning the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship in 1979, Scheckter achieved ten career wins while driving for prominent teams like McLaren, Tyrrell, Wolf, and Ferrari.

After retiring from racing, he ventured into entrepreneurship, founding FATS Inc., a company that developed advanced firearm training simulators. The successful sale of this business allowed him to support his sons, Tomas and Toby, in their own racing careers.

Today, Scheckter has transitioned to a fulfilling life as a biodynamic farmer, advocating for organic living and sustainable practices. His journey exemplifies a diverse and prosperous path beyond his illustrious Formula One career.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name:Jody Scheckter
Net Worth:$100 Million
Monthly Salary:$150 Thousand
Annual Income:$10 Million
Source of Wealth:Race car driver, Businessperson

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Early Career

Scheckter’s journey in Formula One began after his move to Britain in 1970, where he quickly climbed the ranks of motorsport. His debut race in Formula One took place at the US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen in 1972, driving for McLaren. Demonstrating his talent early on, he caught the attention of fans and competitors alike.

The following year, he won the 1973 SCCA L&M Championship and competed in multiple F1 races, almost claiming victory in France before an unfortunate collision with Emerson Fittipaldi. This led to a dramatic accident in the British Grand Prix, raising concerns about his driving style.

Success in Formula One

Tyrrell provided Scheckter with his first full-time drive in F1 in 1974. He rewarded the team’s faith with a third-place finish in the Drivers’ Championship and notable victories in Sweden and Britain. Despite facing some challenges in the subsequent year, Scheckter’s career took an exciting turn when he joined the innovative six-wheeled Tyrrell P34 team. His win at Sweden’s Anderstorp circuit and numerous point-scoring finishes solidified his reputation as a formidable driver.

In 1977, Scheckter joined Walter Wolf’s team, claiming victory in the team’s debut race. Although he faced stiff competition from Niki Lauda, he showcased consistent podium performances. Scheckter’s exceptional driving skills and adaptability led him to join the iconic Ferrari team in 1979, partnering with Gilles Villeneuve. This decision turned out to be a game-changer.

The 1979 season was a defining moment for Scheckter. His impressive performances, including three race wins, secured the Drivers’ Championship for him and helped Ferrari clinch the Constructors’ Championship.

He defied critics’ expectations and proved himself as a driver capable of taming the fierce Ferrari team. This victory also marked the end of a long drought for Ferrari, with the team’s last Drivers’ Championship win dating back to 1953.

However, the 1980 season was a challenging one for Scheckter. Struggling to defend his title, he even failed to qualify for a race. Recognizing his diminishing passion for the sport, he made the difficult decision to retire from racing. Despite his departure from Formula One, Scheckter’s legacy in the sport endured.

Jody Scheckter

Other Endeavors

After retiring from racing, Scheckter delved into various entrepreneurial ventures. Notably, he founded FATS Inc., a company that developed state-of-the-art firearm training simulators.

These simulators were utilized by law enforcement, military, and security organizations to enhance their training capabilities. The successful sale of FATS Inc. provided financial support for his sons, Tomas and Toby, in their own racing careers.

Beyond the world of motorsport and business, Jody Scheckter found a new passion in biodynamic farming. In 2005, he purchased Laverstoke Park Farm, a sprawling 2,500-acre property located near Overton, Hampshire, in the United Kingdom.

Here, he embraced the principles of biodynamic farming, an organic and holistic approach to agriculture that emphasizes harmony with nature.

Personal Life

Scheckter’s commitment to organic living goes beyond his farm. He has actively advocated for organic food and sustainable practices through various media appearances.

His appearances on TV documentaries and shows like “Countryfile” and “Sugar Free Farm” allowed him to share his knowledge and passion for organic farming with a wider audience.

Throughout his life, Scheckter has cherished his family. He has been married twice and has six children. Sadly, he experienced the heartbreak of losing his daughter Ila in 2019 at the young age of 21.

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