Motorsport Degrees : University Choices

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When I studied for my degree, the choices were blissfully simple. Looking at the range of courses available to aspiring F1 engineers now, in particular with the advent of Motorsport degrees, things look significantly more confusing. They emergence of these industry specific university and college courses has brought the motorsport industry into the mainstream but […]

The drive to get your career started

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Whilst the focus in the Formula 1 world is firmly fixed on the championship battle between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastien Vettel, for many F1 job seekers the start of the new academic year is a more mundane and down to earth reality. This time of year is however also key for those wishing to get […]

Apprenticeships at Mercedes F1 Team

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Apprenticeships are making something of a comeback in manufacturing and offer fantastic opportunities to learn a trade and skills set whilst earning and completing college studies in your chosen area. Mercedes AMG F1 team are currently advertising for 4 different type of apprenticeships in manufacturing, each offering the chance to learn on the job and […]

Formula Student : An interview with Project Leader Beth Lily Georgiou

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Formula Student is a huge success story and becoming more and more popular by the year. The chance for undergraduate students to design, manufacture and then race their own racing machine is an enduring concept which has become justifiably popular worldwide. Formula Student is considered by many as a “must-do” programme for anyone wanting to […]